PAT AND PACO—A Tribute to the Magic of Lakeside

PAT AND PACO—A Tribute to the Magic of Lakeside

—Article submitted by John Friesen


patThe narrative film Pat y Paco is set for filming in Ajijic in April. It is a compelling intercultural and inter-generational story of two boys, one gringo, one Mexican, living in Ajijic but in very different worlds. Besides the talented local people who will be involved, the production is attracting top-grade professionals in the film industry, including one of Canada’s top cinematographers and Kodak Lifetime Award-winning Manfred Guthe CSC.  He has been nominated for, and awarded, many top filmmaking awards including Best Cinematographer at the New York Film Festival. Another fine filmmaker, Natalie Garza, a talented filmmaker from Mexico City is also joining the team.  Writer and director is John Friesen, a Canadian with more than two-hundred roles in movies and television.

Casting for speaking and major roles is nearly complete. However the production will need 100 background performers. There are nearly 50 Ajijic locations and more than 25 speaking parts.  All actors are local residents.

A film that has grown naturally out of its environment is unique and special. That is how the script was created. Pat y Paco has the qualities of a fairy tale or fable and the feel of magic realism. The story celebrates the mystery, magic and joys of young friendship. The film exudes optimism, joy, creativity, and above all portrays it on a human scale. It is a tribute to the magic of the Lakeside area.

The project is a truly community effort. It is entirely non-profit with everyone working for free. It therefore has a very low budget of only $10,000 US to pay for unavoidable costs such as food and accommodations for the volunteer crew, insurance, transportation costs, etc. This low budget is possible because everyone is donating their time and talent.

pacoFor more information or if you want to be involved please contact John Friesen at 3317494422 or email jfriesen1@b Or visit


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