Ramblings From The Ranch

Ramblings From The Ranch

By Syd Sullins


For us at the Ranch, we love to look back on the dogs that have left the Ranch and found happy loving homes. One of these was Keno. Before volunteering at the Ranch I didn’t get the attraction to pit bulls.  I felt they were dangerous and just plain ugly, until the pitties at the Ranch convinced me I was wrong.  They are so quick to give affection and loyalty, and love to receive the same I soon realized that those little pittie faces were really beautiful. The deal is sealed; I now love pitties.

But not Keno.  Although probably the most beautiful pit I’ve ever seen, he didn’t rush to the front of the pen for pets and attention –instead he charged the fence with a fierce bark.  The workers at the Ranch would take him for walks, but most of the volunteers passed right by his pen.

In April a couple contacted us about adopting a dog. They had recently been robbed and wanted a guard dog. Keno was definitely NOT the first dog we considered as a match for them but the husband immediately zeroed in on Keno. The wife however was not happy, this was not her type of dog. She too was fearful of him.  She actually cried when they took this terrifying dog home.

Now seven months later, she feels Keno is the “Dog of a Lifetime” and she loves this sweet boy with all her heart.  They hired a trainer to work with them to tame that intimidating bark unless it was necessary. Keno’s intimidating appearance deters people from entering their property uninvited but his loving dedication is what makes them feel safe. He and their shih tzus get along very well and the little dogs have actually blossomed with their new big brother. There was some concern if the cat would be safe, but it turns out that Keno realized immediately the cat rules the roost. And at night, big, scary Keno settles down to sleep with a cuddly stuffed animal.

For the dog of your life time, contact us at adoptaranchdog@outlook.com

For more information about Lake Chapala visit: www.chapala.com

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