Celebration Time!

Celebration Time!

By Terry and Carole Baker


Jaltepec Graduation August 2016

At Jaltepec Centro Educativo Tecnico Universitario en Hoteleria, the long awaited Graduation ceremony for the Class of 2016 arrived on August 21st. After two years of hard work, studying, and perseverance this Class is excited not only because of their graduation, their Technical Degree, and seeing the pride in their parents’ faces but also the realization that it is time to say farewell to the very close friends that have been made during their two years at Jaltepec and that now a new phase of their lives is about to begin which will present many challenges. Naturally we wish all the graduates success and all the best that life can give them.

As proud sponsors of the graduates, it is wonderful to observe how they evolve and blossom over the two years at Jaltepec. As we only see the students on an occasional basis, we can appreciate the remarkable changes that occur in them over a period of time.  In 2014 at the March Sponsorship Dinner, we met shy, young, and reserved girls.  In 2016 we enjoyed seeing them graduating as young women full of self-confidence, radiant and ready to start their new careers.

It is already October and soon Jaltepec will host its annual festive Christmas at Jaltepec Dinner and Luncheon event.

The Dinner Event will take place on Tuesday November 29th and the donation per person is $650.00 pesos.  The Luncheon Event is Wednesday November 30th and the cost is $550.00 pesos. The formal invitation will be sent out by mid-October with the full menu wrapped around a complete Roast Turkey Dinner, as well the Christmas Concert “A Taste of Los Cantantes del Lago” under the musical direction of Timothy G. Ruff Welch.

Please RSVP before Friday November 21stto: Linda Buckthorp @ 766-1631 or by email to buckthorplm@gmail.com


For more information about Lake Chapala visit: www.chapala.com

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