Our Literary Awards—Circa 2016




With John Ward, Ed Tasca, Mark Sconce, Jeanne Stewart, Patrick duMouchel, D’Le Beatty Tobias, The “Underwood” tappers were Val Jones, Allyson deJong, and Maritza Freyslinger, and providing the super music Roberto Ortiz.  

The latest luncheon which drew well over eigthy people was one of our best ever. To our winners—heartiest congratulations, and to the other nominees, we send along our thanks, and say to them: Wait’ll Next Year!



frame historical

1. The Bravest of Men

By Dr. Lorin Swinehart, Apr 16

2. Ruminations

By Bob Drynan, May 16

3. A Leaky Ship Sinks an Empire

By Greg Custer, May 16

4. Chocolate and Mexico

By Herb Piekow,  July 16

5. Torquemada

By Lorin Swinehart,  Aug 16 – May 16



frame poem

1. Once Upon a Lime in Mexico

By Judy Dykstra-Brown, Oct 15

2. Hanged Man

By Michael Warren, Jan 16

3. Language of Love

By John Dodds, Mar 16

4. Last Little Piggy Goes to Market

By Judy Dykstra Brown, June 16

5. The Butterfly

By Gabrielle Blair, May 16

(Award accepted by Christy Wiseman)



frame long time

Ed Tasca

Jackie Kellum

Mel Goldberg

Rob Mohr

Carol Bowman



frame humor

1. Substitute Flatulence

by Tom Eck, Mar. 16

2. Yachting in Manzanillo

by Margie Keane, Nov. 15

(Award accepted by Carol Bowman)

3. Clutter in Attic

by Tom Nussbaum, Sep. 16

4. The Ajijic Vortex

by Ed Tasca, July 16 

5. Maki

by John Ward, July 16


frame profile

1. H.L. Mencken

By Mark Sconce, Mar. 16

2. Tolstoyevsky

By Marcel Woland, Feb. 16

3. A Baseball Player Named Pearl

By Jim Tipton, May 16

4. Mark Sconce

By Margaret Porter, Mar 16

5. Jim Spivey

By Margaret Van Every, July 16



frame fiction

1. Helpless

By Mel Goldberg, Nov. 15

2. Bebe

By Margaret Van Every, Jan. 16

3. The Wall

By Tom Eck, April 16

4. Child’s Play

By Dorothy Blanchard, Aug. 16

5. Coffee Shop Ritual

By Katina Pontikes, July 16



frame book review

1. Kokio

By Karl Homann, Sept 16

2. Black Tide Rising by RJ McMillen

By Antonio Rambles, Oct 15

3. Small Altars by John Dodds

By Margaret Van Every, Dec 15

4. Mexico: Sunlight & Shadows by Various Authors

By Clare Gearhart, May 16

5. A Terrible Love of War by James Hillman

By David Bryen, Sep. 16



frame column

1. Imprints

By Antonio Robles

2. Lakeside Living

By Sandy Olson

3. The Ghosts Among Us

By Fred Mittag

4. Focus on Art

By Rob Mohr

5. Anyone Can Train Their Dog

By Art Hess



frame feature

1. Say It Ain’t So, Uncle Ho

By Carol Bowman,  Nov. 15

2. To Be or Not To Be

By Mark Sconce, Nov. 15

3. A First Encounter

By Carol Bradley, May 16

4. Self-Esteem

By John Ward, Jan. 16

5. Why Eugene Hates Racists

By Margaret Porter, Mar. 16

6. Are We Aging or Sageing

By Mark Boyer, Mar 16

7. One Is a Lonely Number

By Christy Wiseman, Mar. 16

8. Church and State

By Fred Mittag, Apr 16

9. Nelson Rockerfeller—Portrait of a Collector

By Harriet Hart, Sept. 16

10. Refugee Fatigue

By Kelly Hayes Raitt, Feb. 16


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