Rambling From The Ranch

Rambling From The Ranch

By Rachel McMillen

HELP WANTED: No Experience Necessary!

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Do you care about the welfare of dogs? Are you concerned with the over population of dogs in need of adoption?  Are you traveling to the Seattle area anytime soon? If so, The Ranch has a job for you!

People traveling to the Seattle area are needed to escort dogs living at The Ranch to be adopted by a partnering shelter in the San Juan Islands with a lack of dogs and an abundance of humans waiting for a pet. Coordinated by their board member Janet Gray, a former resident of Lakeside, the process has been streamlined and takes little effort on the part of the escort.  Ranch volunteers meet you at the Guadalajara Airport with all the paperwork for the dogs to fly. On the Seattle side, Janet will pick up the dogs and whisk them away to their new homes.

Loveable dogs like Hector and Looneytoon were the first to make the trip where families in Washington State adopted them into loving homes. Since that initial trip another 12 dogs have flown to Seattle and into the arms of people desperate to rescue a dog for their family.  And it can continue if The Ranch can get them there. All they need is a human escort, someone traveling to Seattle on the same plane.

Lake Chapala’s many dogs, often homeless or abandoned, have a doomed future, but the lucky ones end up at the Ranch waiting to be adopted.  This partnership is a golden opportunity to be a positive part of the solution to placing wonderful dogs with folks wanting pet companionship.

Donations of dog crates for transportation and your time spent walking dogs at The Ranch are greatly appreciated. If you are planning a trip to Seattle please call 331.270.4447.


For more information about Lake Chapala visit: www.chapala.com

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