Profiling Tepehua – July 2017

Profiling Tepehua

By Moonyeen King
President of the Board for Tepehua

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The CRREAD Rehabilitation for Men, broke ground for the CRREAD Rehabilitation Center for Women, donating the extra land they had.

The men stood around and watched as the bulldozer did its work, anticipating months of labor. Being part of a labor team is therapy, as they strive to throw their personal addictions. They have already completed the base for the perimeter wall in spite of the recent rains. They dug by hand instead of a trenching machine, to save the money for material.

We all have addictive propensities, but for most of us they are controlled by patterns. This writer salutes those that try to overcome their addictions, it is a hard road, I have enormous respect for this particular group of men who are reaching out to help mothers, wives and sisters in addiction. Especially those lactating or pregnant.

BRADFORD HEALTH SERVICES writes:  “Neither the homeless man or misguided celebrity is the true face of addiction. The majority is the average person who often mask their suffering out of shame because of negative associations with drug or alcohol abuse. Addictions drive people to act in ways they never thought they were capable of, the guilt of which forces them further into hiding. They need to move past their guilt and shame in order to move into a healthier life. Also stated: because of addictions influence on the brain, many alcoholic and drug abusers feel no shame until they are sober or in recovery.”

The 12 step program of AA originated in 1938 by its founder Bill Wilson who wrote out his ideas from his own experience with addiction, convinced if people shared their experience it effected them positively. The 12 step model, which encourages complete abstinence can help addicts to the “flourishing” stage in three months to one year, for the few even longer, it is a model that supplies a framework of support on which to surrender their addictions, and has a spiritual base. There are other programs for those who do not want to recognize a higher power.

This writer’s experience with addiction was a young family member on crack cocaine. Having had several counseling sessions in a Center for Youths with addiction in the States, as a special request, outpatient treatment was agreed to, but only because the family and the patient were brutally honest with each other, and went to the Rehab Center every day for three months. Sharing the burden with family is halving the burden, not everyone is so lucky to have such a supportive family group. Or the money.

This is why Rehabilitation Centers work. The support group is your fellow addict, who knows if you can do it, he/she can do it. Rehabilitation Centers in the North take on a Hotel Holiday type feeling, and they cost money. The program is full of counseling, meetings, Doctors visits and psychiatric care, good nutrition and a balanced diet, trying to refurbish the body, replacing that which drug abuse drains the body of; sometimes paid for by Insurance, families or Government programs.

Here in Mexico, it is done the hard way. The detoxification can be brutal. Plus part of the recovery is work…everyone has a chore. No time to lounge around and study the naval. There is no Insurance or Government help. The Institutes are all privately funded, and the family pays 2,000 pesos a month if they can afford it.  If they cannot pay it they are not turned away. The police bring the vagrant men to detox, the government does not pay. The Doctors visits as needed are volunteer Doctors…as the Maternal Health Team from Tepehua will be. The police take the women with minor infractions for drug use to jail…because there is no other place; a place where they suffer abuse and can get whatever drug they want. 

DIF does have a place for women in Guadalajara, the women in question can take nothing with them, even if they are lactating they cannot take their babies or personal possessions.. The cost is approx. 2,000 pesos. DIF is looking for sponsors for all those whose families cannot pay.

CRREADS 25 establishments for men across Mexico raise their own money, food, build their own Institutes, every one of them directed by recovering addicts.

The Maternal Health program at the Tepehua Community Center is behind this CRREAD rehabilitation Center for women with enthusiasm shared by the Director of CRREAD.

With our Clinic to take care of the medical needs of the women and their children, and CRREADS expertise at detoxification of addictions of all levels will make a team like no other….the light at the end of the tunnel shines bright.

If you can help with materials of any kind, or donations, contact Moonie.  If you would like to tour the existing premises of CRREAD for men, you would be most welcome.

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