THERE’S SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE —Or No Good Deed Goes Unpunished!

—Or No Good Deed Goes Unpunished!

By Kathy Koches

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished


A couple of weeks ago I went to the Monday Market at its new location in Sunrise Restaurant in Riberas. I have been a regular shopper at the Monday Market and enjoy the variety of items offered for sale and the friendly vendors. I have been known to “drop a few pesos” at said market from time to time.

I arrived at the market, along with my husband and our little dog. She was on her leash and, I might add, is very well-behaved and does not bark. I stepped into the entrance and went to the second booth to purchase some berries. Immediately a man rushed up to me and in a very loud and belligerent tone of voice told me, “No Dogs Allowed!” I was quite shocked, because I had always brought my dog to the Monday Market and had never had any problems. I immediately ceased my intended purchase and left with my dog.

Now the man was right; there is a sign that says “No Dogs” which I had not seen. But it could have been pointed out to me in a much friendlier way! Ah, but that is not the point of this story.

After I got home I realized that many of my friends who have dogs usually bring them to the Monday Market. In an attempt to give them a “heads up” I posted on social media that dogs were no longer welcome at the Monday Market and that I had been forced to take my business elsewhere that day. I was not prepared for the flood of comments I received to my post. The first dozen or so were from people who thanked me for the heads up. But then…..the trolls came out.

One guy even ranted about how he was sick of dogs being taken everywhere and he should not have to put up with dogs in restaurants or markets, etc. etc. Someone even posted a comment about some gross behavior of one dog owner. In an attempt to respond, I answered by saying there are plenty of places where dogs are not allowed and that this person could easily patronize these restaurants and shops. Apparently this response was not good enough for some of the trolls. Eventually I just had to turn off the comments.

I like to bring my dog with me on outings, and I prefer to patronize the many restaurants and shops that are “dog friendly.” A good example is Yves, where they always bring a bowl of water for my dog, even before taking my order. Another is Diane Pearl’s shop, where she keeps a supply of dog biscuits for any “doggie visitors” along with a bowl of fresh water. Many restaurants are “open air” and allow dogs at their outside tables, but not inside. 

Lakeside has so much to offer people – so many diverse activities, interesting shops, delicious restaurants – that there is, literally, “something for everyone.” Why criticize and condemn something that you don’t happen to like, but that you can avoid if you choose? Some things make certain people happy and irritate others. Choose wisely!

And remember, no good deed goes unpunished. But I have learned how to block the trolls, so never fear. I will continue posting on social media and enjoying the comments of my friends and colleagues.


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