The Battle Of Charlottesville

The Battle Of Charlottesville

By Mark Boyer


They tried to manipulate their message and divert our attention to others. 

They said Muslims, Mexicans, Blacks, Native Americans, and LGBTQs were bad.

They said our heroes weren’t really heroes.

They said the poor and the helpless were cheaters and a burden.

They said THEIR religion was threatened.

They said NO immigrants were allowed (as their ancestors frowned).

They said the only facts and truth were their facts and truth. 

They said the earth is merely a resource to be consumed and plundered.

They said it is OK to lie and deceive if it serves their purpose.

They said it is all about winning and others losing. 

They told desperate refugees they were not welcome.

They obsessed about their Dow god and all that is golden.

They talked endlessly about dangerous foreign invaders.

They ripped out and distorted entire chapters of history.

They preached hate, divisiveness, and suspicion. 

They defined patriotism in their own terms.

They professed power and control through ignorant righteousness. 

They killed and injured people who courageously tried to resist. 

They rejoiced at the silence of Americans who chose to look the other way. 

They stormed onward with their tiki torches into the darkness.

And shouted “Make America White Again!”

Even though it never was . . .

And hopefully never will be


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