What A Mess, or Mass!

What A Mess, or Mass!


Did you ever wonder why things that are static and basically accepted are vulnerable to change? Part of it may be that humans get bored, or simply just want to rock the boat. Lately we have seen great disruption in a time-honored standard at sports events by opening with the U.S. national anthem.  The authors of this rebellion activated other rebels to rejecting it by kneeling during its presentation. This is not only rebellion but displaying a great deal of ignorance and lack of appreciation.  What a mess! Also, almost everyone is familiar with a secular celebration of Easter. Compared with its true meaning, where in heaven’s name did we get eggs, rabbits, and fancy frills? What a mess! And, when we consider the celebration of the momentous event of God’s personal presentation of Himself in the advent of His Son, what’s with the fat old man in a sleigh pulled by reindeer? Giving, you say? What happened to Jesus?  What a mess!

Nothing wrong with giving, right?  Yet, the Creator God’s sole intent was to make a historical impact on the planet for its eternal good. Over the centuries, humanity followed the same pattern as above. They were bored, rebellious, or excessively materialistic.  Even school systems want to belittle the real meaning by identifying the classroom break as ‘winter break’. This seasonal pattern could be called a celebration, yet misses the point!  What a mess! The occasion is referred to as Christmas. It is explained as the mass of Christ. What is mass?  It is to celebrate. This means to rave, boast, celebrate, glory, and praise. A far cry from mess, right?  We are faced with making it a must!  Let’s prioritize this time as it emerged in the beginning. After all, it is based on His incredible love, even for each and all.


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