Centro Educativo Jaltepec Graduation Success

Centro Educativo Jaltepec Graduation Success

Centro Educativo Jaltepec Graduation Success


Welcome to the New Year here in sunny Lake Chapala, full of promise and drive to make this year one of the best at Jaltepec. 2018 promises to be a year of change at Jaltepec Centro Educativo, as even its name has now changed to Centro Educativo Jaltepec

We would like to celebrate the success of the Preparatoria Program which was introduced to Centro Educativo Jaltepec in 2014. It was previously a challenge to fill the places at Jaltepec even with the many submissions from all over Mexico.  Despite three years of studying for their Preparatoria, applicants graduating from the Mexican school system still lacked the academic expertise and skill set which would enable them to maintain the 80% average required by Jaltepec.  The attrition rate was discouraging with a percentage of students never able to complete their degree.

This new program was the brain child of Lupita Canepa, the Director General at Jaltepec whose responsibilities included screening the potential candidates and seeing at first hand the shortcomings of the academic standards for young women.  Lupita Talavera Valadez is the Preparatoria Coordinator in charge of this strenuous academic program. She is responsible for training the five instructors to enable the students to complete the grueling 22 exams required by the Secretariat of Education

All 13 students who started Preparatoria graduated last August 20th.  This is the first generation of Graduates who went on to successfully complete the two year program and attain their Degree in Hoteleria. Jaltepec is to be congratulated on this vision and enterprise, and we are proud to present the first graduates from the new three year program in 2017 with its 100% success rate with a 9+ average.

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Technical Degree in Hoteleria Graduates August 20th 2017     From left to right: Lizbeth Jimenez Flores, Karla Pulido Reyes, Linda Ramírez Vazquez, Ana Laura Saavedra Areola, Lizbeth Cortés López, Ilce Guerrero Galvez, Kathia Sanchez Jacobo, Magdalena Martínez Negrete, Araceli Pinto Santana, Alberta Cortés Hernandez.


For more information about Lake Chapala visit: www.chapala.com

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