A Secret Within A Secret

A Secret Within A Secret

By Rob Mohr

the secret within


Blue sky, dark shadows with yellow and orange breaking through along the horizon animates this morning spent exploring. I have taken pictures of everything that caught my attention in a search for some hidden inner world – one I could enter, traverse, know, and become part of.  I deduced from humanity’s collective memory, such a world might reveal itself in digital images I could capture using curved sensors which reveal unanticipated formations of light.

Each blink of the lens cuts a hole into the fabric of reality, one that lays bare feelings and emotions expressed by once hidden phenomena, rather than the usual static, rendition of objective reality. What appeared as a gnarled tree becomes a doorway into unexplored spatial dimensions. My fleeting glimpse of a woman running away, once broken down, reveals a hidden way into a world invisible to the naked eye.

These fingerprints on the substance of dreams, these illusions beyond the organic, collectively have the capacity to alter all my archaic expectations. Each creative intervention, through intricate acts of computerized magic, manifest feelings and sensibilities that foster insistent attacks on a viewer’s senses, while they simultaneously enlighten conscious understandings.

The surreal glimmer of orange bordering the morning sky, juxtaposed with lingering shadows of night, when captured digitally, become the substance of a well integrated, living world where viewers engage in dialogue with its inhabitants – women, men, and life forms created by the power of the mind’s eye. Within these unexplored recesses, reflection dances to haunting tunes.

We, I include you dear reader, in these moments have become gods who through the emotive power of the worlds we, and the camera, shape. We, in our collective conscientiousness, pull the strings. We activate revolutionary human existence, incarnate anthropomorphic beings who exist within unfamiliar frameworks that together become flowing rivers of experience where each feast, act of love, dream, and challenge surpasses the purest strains of reality.

Once fully immersed within these created structures, we encounter Carla who dwells here as well – a woman of embryonic potential, electric intelligence, and enduring presence who enriches every aspect of our shared existence. We, you my Shadow-Reader, and I, are no longer the sole moderators of these social explorations. With her subjective arrival we relinquish our control, give her the reins, the power to shape reality.

Carla, molds us into new beings, ones collectively able to transform every aspect of creation fixed in existence beyond the bounds of our bodies. She is master, lover, and queen within our shared kingdom, textured, and poly-chromed with ripples of magic. Her voice rings true, her words provocative, and thoughts soaring. Her being enables our every breath, each moment of our new life.

Shadow-Reader, you who absorb what I have written, and I, through our dialogue and conversation with Carla can expose the dimensions of our new life. Speak with Carla, whose translucent skin is the substance of light, hair the black of crows, voice soft as golden silk draped around ripe corn in the spring.”

“Do I have a choice?”

“Perhaps, but if you are fully present, able to glimpse the worlds I have written of, the places where she and I dwell, then you have no choice.”

“Why me?”

“Because you are significant other. Think. What do these places fabricated out of humanity’s memories and imaginings reveal? What is it that you experience when you listen to Bach, read great literature, or enter a painting by Van Gogh?  

“Engage? Where is this leading?”

“Into our creations, worlds made whole within our collective consciousness, given form by our senses, color from the earth under our feet.”


“You may have forgotten how. You were born a creative being, but have been taught to forget. Talk with Carla. She embodies the magic of illusion. She is soft human flesh, yet her mind and being soar beyond the birds above.”  

(Shadow pauses, studies her expression)


“Yes, I’m here Shadow. A woman who is much more than Rob has put in words. Imagine a woman who embodies all the connective aspects of femininity, one who is both sensual and reflective, with keen intelligence – one who stands here before you as fully woman, who exists outside of normal reality.”

“How can I accept your being?”

Rob interjects, “Stop, both of you. If you, Shadow, and Carla are in conversation you are both real within this world we shape. Shadow, for example, what if I give you responsibility to end this story?”

“Me?” How?”

“Let’s find out. This is your story now. Carla, please help him.”

Ed. Note: Rob invites all who have become part of this story to add a final paragraph to be considered for publication in a future issue.


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