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April 2019


If you’ve picked up your copy of Ojo del Lago fast enough, you’re in time to attend the National Theatre Live broadcast of The Madness of King George, shown at the Lakeside Little Theatre on April 6 and 7 at 4 pm.
The plot: It’s 1786 and King George III is the most powerful man in the world. But his behavior is becoming increasingly erratic as he succumbs to fits of lunacy. With the King’s mind unravelling at a dramatic pace, ambitious politicians and the scheming Prince of Wales threaten to undermine the power of the Crown, and expose the fine line between a king and a man.
Tickets for each performance are 250 pesos. Since it’s late, stop by the Box Office one hour before one of the performances, then socialize at the Angel Terrace Bar.

Janet Reichert

Sunday morning finds Lakeside residents at the Lake Chapala Society and Open Circle, a forum on a variety of stimulating topics. A social hour with coffee and snacks at 10 am is followed by an interesting lecture and discussion at 10:30.
April 7 Sacred Circles: Wheels of Power and Connection
Presented by Gale Park
Since the ancients first wondered at the sun and moon, circles have had a special spiritual significance. In this presentation on the symbolism and uses of sacred circles in spiritual practice, we will see how they align us with the natural world and the spirits that animate and sustain it. We will pay special attention to European and Native American traditions and seek to deepen our understanding of the most basic concepts–the directions, the elements and the seasons.
April 14   Creationism vs. Darwinism, with Final Commentaries from Darwin and God
Presented by Ed Tasca
Ed will do flash sketches impersonating the tone and style of now famous comics and humorists, all on the subject of Creationism vs. Darwinism, with an introduction from Darwin and a closing from God.
Ed Tasca is a writer, novelist, playwright, and essayist. His works have been published in the US, Canada, England, Australia, Italy, and Mexico. He currently writes a weekly humor column for the Guadalajara Reporter and does some acting. He has had his Mark Twain play performed at the Lakeside Little Theater, with Ed portraying the great humorist.
April 21  The Why, What, and How of Meditation
Presented by Janet Reichert
There are certain spiritual questions that we answer only through our own direct experience. Many of us began to formulate these questions at a young age and unless we were very fortunate, they were unanswered. Some, if not all, likely remain unanswered in the twilight of our lives. By developing concentration and the insights that lead to wisdom, insight meditation practice can directly reveal the natural laws of existence.
Janet Reichert began exploring meditation in the 80s. After moving to Ajijic in 2007, she began practicing in earnest and has attended numerous silent meditation retreats with both Insight and Zen meditation teachers. Janet is the director of The Heart of Awareness Meditation Community in Ajijic, and continues to sit retreats in the Insight Meditation tradition.
April 28  What Exactly Is Rolfing?  
Presented by Will Gallucci

Will Gallucci

Will graduated from the University of Colorado in 1984 and then worked in New York City for over ten years in healthcare marketing. In 2007, after a lifetime of chronic back pain, he was introduced to Rolfing. That experience was so transformational that it led him to return to Colorado to study Rolfing. Will attended the Rolf Institute® of Structural Integration in Boulder, Colorado in 2010, and opened his Denver City Rolfing practice in August 2011. In April 2018 he relocated to Mexico and opened his Rolfing practice at Lakeside.
May 5  Metamorphosis: Surviving and Thriving through Environmental Illness
Presented by Pam Wolski
¨Multiple chemical sensitivity, sick building syndrome, food/dental intolerances¨—these are just a few of the many terms that can describe environmental illness. Pam Wolski will tell of her 30 year struggle against this condition, which began after several overexposures to toxic chemicals. She will share how she learned to thrive instead of just survive, how she found true love along the way, and how she discovered the truth of the statement, ¨the greater the struggle, the more glorious the triumph.¨ Case studies, personal memoir, and poetry will be included.
After graduating from college and working for 11 years as a book editor at a publishing company, Pam experienced the drastic changes in life that are caused by environmental illness. She spent many years researching and receiving medical treatments, exploring alternative methods in psychology and spirituality, and finding solace through friendships, faith, and poetry.
Democrats Abroad is holding its 7th Annual Film Festival at the Plaza Bugambilias Theater in Ajijic. Tickets are $100. The shows are on Sundays at 1:30 pm. The doors open at 12:30.  A portion of the proceeds funds local voter registration.
April 7 Equal Means Equal (2016)
The Equal Rights Amendment is a proposed amendment (introduced in 1923 and still not ratified) to the Constitution meant to guarantee equal legal rights for all American citizens regardless of gender it seeks to provide equal protection to women as a matter of law.
April 14 Bleed Out (2018)
A citizen’s investigation into America’s flawed health care system—an investigatory journey and cautionary tale
April 21 Won’t You Be My Neighbor? (2018)
A portrait of a man we all think we know, Fred Rogers, this moving film takes us into the heart of a creative genius who inspired generations of children with compassion and limitless imagination.
April 28 BlackkKlansman (2018)
From filmmaker Spike Lee, the incredible story of an African-American who sets out on a dangerous mission: to infiltrate and expose the Ku Klux Klan.
You’re missing something both entertaining and educational if you don’t attend the Riberas Authors meeting on the second Wednesdays at 2 pm. The event is held in the back (way in the back) of the Lake Chapala Society (go past the gazebo and veer to the left and keep going).

Judy King

You get, for a $50 donation, to hear a book reading by a local author and have it personally signed, take a look at an art exhibition and hear live music, and enjoy a glass of wine.
Last month the writer was Judy King, who read from her new book Echoes from the Wall. She describes the experiences of Mexicans who go North and then return to Mexico. This new book is available at Diane Pearl Colecciones.
Also included in this Riberas Authors meeting was an art exhibition by Bev Kephart and live music by classical guitarist Ivan Olivares.
On Wednesday, April 10  at 2 pm Sidney Metrick will read from her book From Here to There.  Don’t miss it.
Note: the founder of Riberas Writers is Antonio Ramblés.  He has gathered 40 Lakeside writers who have written 150 books, all  available on Amazon.
We’ve heard about the Rotary Club and its good works, but did you know that there’s a kids’ club too?  Here in Ajijic it’s the Interact Club. Members are in the 11th and 12th grade in the Baccalaureate Program at the International Institute on the libramiento.
There are 13 members of Interact here (when members are 18 they go on to the next age group, Rotaract). They are students in a class called Creativity, Activity and Service and do community service in San Pedro Itzican in the municipio of Poncitlan.  They’re currently helping with translating in a women’s workshop called Poco a Poco, and Brigada, a group of young people who are training to be firefighters.

Mia Supan

We’re all familiar with Mia’s Boutique, where we go to browse around in the consignment goods, or to pick up performance tickets, but did you know that Mia’s is named after Mia Supan?
This year Mia is Rotary Queen.  Some of you may have seen her riding with Rotary President Santiago Hernandez, MD, at the Chili Cook Off Parade in the smashing convertible of Secretary Anastasia Boyd.
We’re impressed with the activism of the Interact Club and look forward to hearing more about Mia and the other members. We predict a bright future.
Here is another chance to engage in “an informal, respectful conversation about dying” in a place to hear stories and perspectives about dying. Attendees do the sharing. There is no agenda. Volunteer hosts are Wendy Jane Carrel and Loretta Downs.
The gathering takes place on Tuesday, April 16 from 3-4:30 pm.  Space is limited to 30 and reservations are requested. Coffee and tea and tip are included in the 65 peso donation. (Dessert is extra). All funds go directly to Danny’s Restaurant, Carretera Oriente 2 (east of Colon), Ajijic.  RSVP

Children between the ages of four and twenty meet on Saturdays at noon in the gazebo at the Lake Chapala Society to learn and play chess.  Many of them were in the tournament last month at the Ajijic Plaza.
The players are guided and mentored by Roberto Serrano and volunteers. It isn’t just about chess. Robert and his helpers “mentor children, providing art and English classes and even enrolling them in trade schools.”
Roberto is president of the Huaraches Club de Ajedrez, which meets on Thursdays at 5 pm at Juan’s Cafe, Colon 16 and Sundays at 1 pm on the Ajijic plaza outside the Cultural Center.  All ages and chess levels are welcome.
Robert was taught by Roy Quiriconi and in turn Robert teaches adults and children.   Stop by Plaza Pato at Parroquia 18 on the plaza (better known as the Flexi store) and talk to him about chess and membership. His telephone is 331-428-4180. Roy is at 331-705-1636.
The April production from The Bare Stage is Parlor Games by Ed Tasca.  It’s directed by Roseann Wilshere.
It shows April 26, 27 and 28.

Cast: Bottom row, left to right: Emily Crocker, Roseann Wilshere (Director), Jayme Littlejohn and John Ward
Top row, left to right: Tony Wilshere, Allen McGill, Amaranta Santos and Diana Rowland

“A funeral goes chaotic when the deceased turns out to be alive.” 
A funeral parlor is the setting for this quirky, off-kilter farce where family and “special” friends come to mourn and are met with a shocking surprise. Everyone thinks Donny D’Silva was killed in a car crash and cremated. But the victim wasn’t Donny at all. The real victim was Rodrigo Benitez, Donny’s former employee. Rodrigo’s family want reparations, until even Rodrigo shows up, so it’s not him either! The confusion worsens, as the families of the would-be dead try to take financial advantage of their perceived loss. So who was cremated?
The theatre is at Hidalgo #261 on the mountain side of the carretera in Riberas del Pilar, across from the Catholic Church. Parking is available in the parking lot of the Baptist Church, behind the theater.
Donation is $100. The Box Office and bar open at 3 pm.  Show time is 4 pm. Reservations are by email at:  For those who use Facebook, look for Bare Stage Theatre 2018 for breaking news and updates.
…came to the 36th Annual Juried Art Show last month sponsored by the Ajijic Society of the Arts.  There were 86 artists showing 107 pieces, according to ASA Treasurer Gwen Lott.
This year the Grand Prize winner was Melody Peterson, with her  “Warriors”  in acrylic.

Artist Melody Peterson

Here’s a reminder that Have Hammer Will Travel sponsors bingo every Tuesday at 1 pm at Maria Isabel Restaurant by the lake.  Bingo cards go on sale at 1 pm and the session starts at 1:30.  A bingo package is $200 for 10 games. The average price per game is $20. All proceeds go to charity.
Come and enjoy the adrenaline rush! Bring your dog! Smoke on the terrace! Win discount coupons for tours, movies and salons!

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