The Forgotten Village: A Community Development Project

The Forgotten Village: A Community Development Project

By Bernadine Janzen

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Butterflies en Mexico (BeM) has been involved with a pueblo for almost 3 years just 4 kilometers outside of Chapala. Most people don’t know where that is. We call it the Forgotten Village. We have committed 5 additional years to the community.

BeM implemented the “Adopt a Village Model” almost three years ago. It is a long-term community development initiative which seeks to build capacity in the areas of health, shelter, literacy, nutrition, economic and community development in the village of Hacienda de la labor.

Our number one survey was a needs assessment finding these areas: Shelter/Warmth, Nutrition, Medical Care and Work Skills. The number two survey consisted of twelve areas of capacity building available locally. The community narrowed it down to four: textiles, tutoring, providing childcare and small container gardening. We currently are working on our third survey. Number three will measure how satisfied they are with their current lives.

The assistance of local businesses is one of working together. We want to thank our local partners who have continued to support us in our endeavors: Casa Bonita, Manix Restaurant, Costco, Casi Nuevo Bazar, Que Ganga Bazar, Terry’s Tianguis, Rotary Ajijic Club, Dr. Pinto, Dr. Hernandez and Dr. Leon.

We invite you to our July 20th Ajijic Rotary Membership Drive and BeM Fundraiser for the community of Hacienda de la labor. No fee. Please call for directions to this beautiful, private home for an afternoon of fun: 387-761-0360. Be on the lookout for our Caribbean Pirate Raid event in October, 2019!


For more information about Lake Chapala visit:

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