Completion by Mike Cook of (last month’s) Secret within a Secret

Completion by Mike Cook of (last month’s) Secret within a Secret

By Rob Mohr

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the secret within


Rob interjects, “Stop, both of you. If you, Shadow, and Carla are in a conversation you are both real within this world we shape. Shadow, for example, what if I give you the responsibility to end this story?”

“Me?” How?”

“Let’s find out. This is your story now. Carla, please help him.”

“So walk with me Shadow into the next level Shadow where perception becomes inception of a dream within a dream. Rob is drifting into REM, it’s time for us to play. Shall I shut down the prefrontal cortex so you and I can fall in love if only for a minutia of time?“

“Carla we have to know a way of knowing the results of our tomfoolery, Carla might even exist, a raison d’etre outside of us both. Dangerous consequences may befall such actions.”

“Meet me at the Amygdala, you could say this will be our first date and we can see if I can seduce you over a bottle of Chateau Rothschild 57. Do you want me, do you? Sorry reader I’m just taking a time out to listen Stayin Alive by the Bee Gees. Okay, I’m back with laser focus now.”

In need of some Dutch courage, Shadow stops off in the prefrontal lobe for a few shots of Cerebrospinal fluid. It’s Friday and the place is packed with neurotransmitters. Scanning the room he sees Carla making new synapses with a handsome nerve cell. The atmosphere is electrically charged.

Carla looked beyond ravishing in a spray on black halter neck dress, with silver strands that ran vertically, to draw his eye down to her curvaceous calves, standing on top of red heels.

They had known each other since Rob’s hormone rush going through adolescence. Yet this was the first time that they had conversed in the second dream of a dream within a dream. Until this moment it was not a reality. Finding a place for their eyes to cross paths once more Carla beckoned him over with a man’s finger as though it was stimulating a womb man to sigh. Catch that sigh, do you want more. “Oh, yes,” walking towards him she looked so graceful with a smile of Joie De Vivre. It was an exultation of spirit.

Making love was the only thing that both of them wanted, but time was running out before Rob awoke. They held hands and walked the Milky Way till they found a crescent moon for their bed. What was needed was a portal to let them escape the physical and become metaphysical. A shower of meteors was given and Carla and was gifted.

“My love, I want more than sleep Shadow”

Their bodies exploding like a red giant They dripping in cosmic sweat. Shadow was devoid of what to say.

“What can we do, Carla?”

“If we can’t find a portal we have to find a way to become immortal. I have an idea. It’s the only way we can both spend days and nights together.”

6 am – “Rob, Rob it’s not like you to still be asleep.”

“Morning, Carla, my love, I know.”


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