What Is 5G?

What Is 5G?

By Lois Schroff



(Review of an article: 5G: THE FINAL ASSAULT by Jeremy Naydler appearing in the Winter 2018-19 issue of New View, a journal supporting spiritual renewal.)

In Nov. 2018, the FCC authorized the rocket company, SpaceX, owned by Elon Musk (of Tesla fame), to launch a fleet of 7,518 additional satellites to complete their ambitious scheme of 20,000  global satellites providing broadband services to every corner of the earth and  bathe us in increasingly higher electromagnetic frequencies.

5G is short for 5GHz  (gigahertz) and refers to a fifth generation wireless network—the creation of a new global electronic ecosystem—geo-engineering on a scale never before attempted, and the creation of conditions within which electronic or artificial intelligence will be able to assume an ever-greater presence in our lives. Not one inch of the planet will be free from mini-microwave irradiation twenty-four hours each day.

5G will unlock the potential of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). The irony that the connected future is one in which dizzying profits stand to be made from technologies that disconnect us more and more from the real world is ignored. The industry-funded Interphone Study which managed to conclude that holding a mobile phone to the head protects the user from brain tumors has been discredited. At present there are approximately 2,000 satellites beaming down commercial GPS for TV, mobile phone services and some that bounce radar to produce images for meteorologists and military surveillance. However, the new Space X fleets will constitute a massive increase in radiation reaching the earth, and will be just one of several that are due to be launched in the next few years, providing broadband service.

The question we should be asking is whether we want such intense exposure of the natural environment (and all living creatures) to more and more electro-magnetic radiation that can travel through brick, stone and cement, as well our bones and into our organs. Do we really believe this could be harmless?

What about the bees—those small creatures that pollinate our food? Studies have shown that, because of their small size, insects, bacteria and plants are very vulnerable, as well as the eyes of animals and human beings. Research suggests that radiation can have a significant and highly detrimental impact on living cells. Despite thousands of research papers demonstrating adverse health effects, the programs call for the new digital infrastructure to be in place by 2025. In addition to the health effects, there is another level of what the roll-out of 5G involves. Electromagnetism and the electromagnetic spectrum were not known before the late 1800s. Beyond lightning and sunlight, the energies of that spectrum did not impact human life. We touch here on a deeply-felt relationship to nature that has been eroded in the centuries since the scientific revolution began. It stripped both lightning and sunlight from their connection to the great natural universe, thereby clearing the way for a materialistic explanation of light, and a technological approach to electricity.

As each of the new technologies was introduced, human beings became a little more disassociated from the natural world. With the advent of the Smartphone, the trend towards addictiveness was strengthened, partly because the screen became a portable interface with the Internet, and partly because of the deliberately exploitative policies of Facebook, Google and others, to hook people into an addictive relationship with their devices.

Smartphone addiction both dislocates users from their own inner center of stillness and, at the same time, disconnects them from the natural environment. 5G promises to make advanced Virtual Reality accessible to all. While VR headsets have been available for some time, VR is still in its infancy. The next development in VR is to supplement the headset with a haptic suit that enables the wearer to experience sensations of touch, i.e., pressure, warmth, hardness, softness, moisture and dryness. Such opportunities for total immersion will lead to an increasing confusion as to which world we belong—the electronically generated or the natural world.

The temptation will be for human beings to give their loyalty to that which not only undermines their relatedness to nature but also has a corrosive effect on their psyche. The confusion will be exacerbated by a huge increase in the use of 3D holographics that will give virtual entities the ability to incarnate electronically in the physical environment. Video games, drones, etc. have been preparing us for dissociated from our actions, leading to greater violence and wars.

5G promises to radically alter the experiential world we inhabit, and there is something further we must understand if we are to grasp what is really being prepared: a global network of electronic intelligence. At first this was under close supervision but it has gradually grown more autonomous, until now it has established itself as a permanent, constantly available electronic infrastructure of undefined scope and reach.  Over recent decades it has become coordinated intelligence-endowed machines that operate without need of human supervision.

The 5G electronic ecosystem is the necessary precondition for developing and perfecting a global Artificial Intelligence network that feeds on the very fast transfer of large amounts of information. This global electronic brain innocuously called the Internet of Things is already impacting our lives, and will lead to the Internet of Thinking whereby humans will find themselves having to live in relationship to the vast global electronic intelligence.

It will be active everywhere in our environment and we will be obliged to interact with it in order to accomplish the simplest of tasks, perhaps leading to an electronically supercharged totalitarian state. Putting in place 5G means putting in place a new system of systems.

The electromagnetic energies that we have summoned, and which promised to give us new powers, now appear to be overpowering us, carrying us down into an underworld realm of hessish entertainment and distraction, of illusion and disconnection from the reality that really matters—the reality of nature and the natural order that infuses nature, the reality of fellow creatures with whom we share our planet.  

We must ask ourselves: Does the earth need an electronic ecosystem? Will it be benefitted in any way by being irradiated with millimeter waves? Is there actually any need at all for 5G? Can we remotely conceive that it will answer any of the pressing ecological and social problems that face us today? We stand at a dreadful threshold, and yet surrender to despair cannot be the answer. What can we do? There are campaigns we can join, petitions to sign, letters to write, and legal actions to support.

A place to begin is with the International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space that has gathered nearly 30,000 signatures, including those of many health professionals, environmentalists and other scientists. We can also nurture a relationship to our inner light that is the source of all that is creative and good in the world. As the curtain of electrosmog is drawn across our world, we are presented with the task that we attend to all that the light has to give, for therein lies the saving power.

Ed. Note: Lois Schroff is an award-winning watercolor painter. Her work has been published in several magazines and periodicals, including the centerfold of Being Human, the quarterly magazine of the Anthroposophical Society of America. Her paintings are in many private collections in the Washington, D.C. area where she exhibited in local and national shows. Lois has published magazine articles, four arts-related books, as well as a DVD, on a technique in watercolor painting recommended by Dr. Rudolf Steiner, the German philosopher. One can view her work on lakechapalapaintingguild.org and on escapetoajijic.com.


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