A Kind Of Compass

A Kind Of Compass

By Paul Allen



Most people know the meaning of the word ‘compass.’ These instruments range from the smaller pocket-sized to much larger ones which might be found on ships. The dictionary points out its primary use as an instrument used for navigation relative to cardinal directions, namely, north, south, east and west.  Usually the needle magnetically points north. 

This provides orientation to the direction in which one is traveling, or should proceed to. Often they have become a life-saver if one is disoriented or lost. Often a person may have one as part of the original equipment on a car dashboard. Boy Scouts are usually trained on their use, as well as military applications.

Sometimes, we may hear the word compass used in an application to illustrate direction referred to other than geographical orientation. For instance, business or other plans might be questioned as possibly needing a new compass.  Then, we heard the term used by a mayor in early August commenting on a shooting carnage having taken place in his city, closely followed by  another in a city elsewhere in the U.S. He exclaimed that our country seems to have lost its moral compass. A pretty good analogy! This might be interpreted in many ways. 

However, mere morality is an understandable but inadequate reference to the deeper issue. The more effecting issue in the human being is the soul, meaning the mind, will and emotions. Along with the spirit, they are that intangible part of us that experiences and displays solid impact on life.  Being intangible, it is not subject to perishing like the body. Thus it is defined as that eternal part of us, namely, God’s department.

So, on this basis, if by ‘moral compass’ we assess that as a society we are ‘missing the mark,’ this would explain the traumatic morass we witness in our era.  As a nation, and even as a world if we have counterfeited and explained away our need for Godly guidance and foundation, what else should explain our human turmoil? Taking God and prayer out of schools, council meetings, etc. is merely a small part of such trends we see taking place. Mass shootings are simply one part of a myriad of tragedies emerging in our society, and elsewhere.  Shouldn’t this say something to us about our need for the  ‘spiritual compass’ designed for us?  God knows, and is our answer.

BIO: Paul Allen became licensed to preach after attending college, theology school, and having served in the U.S. Navy. His ministerial life includes Youth Pastor, Educational Director, Associate Pastor, Senior Pastor, Christian Radio teacher and author. His book is entitled, “But God I Don’t Love Me”, followed by three ebooks on Amazon. He is currently co-founder of Home Church International with ministries around the world. He and his wife, Susana, have been residents of San Antonio Tlayacapan, Mexico for the past three and one-half years. 


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