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Centro Educativo Jaltepec

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The challenges have been unique for the teachers and staff and students at Centro Educativo Jaltepec, located on the mountainside at Jocotepec. This is the only technical university in all of Mexico offering a degree in Hotel & Hospitality Management, promising to “transform young women for life.”

Teachers and staff are currently living and working in the middle of a construction zone, managing the many different levels of students who are now studying from home, continuing to meet the needs of the conference center attendees, and all the while they are trying to look after themselves and stay safe.

Maintaining Academic Standards

In terms of online classes for the Jaltepec students, the instructors have been trained to teach using the most advanced technology available, the goal being to continue the studies and practices to maintain the standards of Jaltepec. The parents are also involved and are receiving their own training through workshops.  

Currently, teachers are implementing “cooperative learning” which is based on “free improvisation teaching.”  This is a method-based teaching practice that includes collaborative and distance learning. Using this technique strengthens connections between students and encourages participation and discussion as well social skills while reinforcing knowledge and self-learning.

Teachers follow their students closely during online classes and practice. Assessments are also shared with parents in their now-important role to provide a good study environment in order to encourage success.

Construction Project

The demolition of the school has started again and the construction project will continue while following pandemic protocols. The student residence, the kitchens, laundry facilities, and all the teaching laboratories have all been demolished. The plans for the complete renovation went on hold at the beginning of the pandemic but things are well underway again. Currently it’s estimated that the process may well take two years.

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