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October 2020


“There is but one solution to the intricate riddle of life; to improve ourselves, and contribute to the happiness of others.”

Mary Shelley


Open Circle

open circle

Open Circle, under the new auspices of The Lake Chapala Society, is making plans to cautiously resume live presentations on the spacious LCS south lawn November 1.

Care will be given to protect the health of all attendees through limited seating distanced 6 feet apart, obligatory use of masks, temperature checks on entry, and hand sanitizers. Because seating will be limited to around 100, a reservation system may be necessary. More detailed reopening plans will be forthcoming soon.

Chairs socially distanced on the LCS south lawn. A raised stage is set up for the speaker.

We’re opening on November 1 with Kassandra King speaking on Alzheimer’s Disease, a subject of great interest to all of us and presented by an expert.

November 1.

A World with Alzheimer’s

Kassandra KingKassandra King

Presented by Kassandra King, BA, NHA, RCFE

Kassandra’s presentation will bring new perspective to Alzheimer’s based on observations of how “losing touch” with “agreed upon reality” can, at times, be a relief for the person experiencing cognitive change.

Kassandra’s interest in the geriatric population began as a volunteer at a young age. She enjoys the wisdom of elders and uses her natural abilities to connect with persons who have cognitive impairment. With a BA (University of North Texas) and post-graduate certification in long term care administration (Texas State University), Kassandra worked as a licensed nursing home administrator at multiple care facilities.

As Public Policy and Education Director, Kassandra served at two chapters of the Alzheimer’s Association. The term “new normal” is present throughout the guidance from her published book Getting REAL About Alzheimer’s – Dementia through Engagement, Assistance, and Love (Plainview Press, 2014).

Due to technical difficulties with the Open Circle YouTube channel, online presentations are not available. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Back Stage Theatre and BRAVO!

One of the first business casualties of the global pandemic was live theatre, and it is greatly missed – all the more so with the economic destruction involved, to both commercial and individuals’ interests as a result.

Never ones to avoid a challenge, Roseann Wilshere of the Bare Stage and BRAVO! Theatre’s Jayme Littlejohn put their heads together.  As a result, until their individual productions can resume, they have joined forces to host two actors’ workshops being given by the award-winning comedian, actor and teacher Jo Romero, from the Actors’  Temple in London, England.

bare stage

Romero is an award-winning comedian, actor and teacher with more than 25 years of extensive experience in the performing arts – most recently coaching in LA, London, Paris and New York.  She will be bringing her unique style of teaching that encourages students to take risks, step into the unknown, work from their instinct and play!

The workshops will allow performers of all levels to fully immerse themselves in the process and learn some valuable acting skills. They will cover a lot of ground, including the difference between ‘showing’ feelings and really feeling them; how to access strong internal emotions and how to rid yourself of self-consciousness while being watched. Romero will also cover how to act with spontaneity and instinct, moment to moment and how to become a more interesting and dynamic actor with a broader casting range, amongst many other valuable insights.

Romero will run two 40-hour face-to-face group courses on the Sanford Meisner Acting Technique at the BRAVO! Theatre, Riberas del Pilar. The class size of both groups will be 14-16 people and they will take place at 9-1pm on 9-20 November for Group 1 and 2-6pm on 16-27 November for Group 2. 

Fees are $5,900 pesos per course but both groups qualify for an early enrollment discount with fees reducing to $4500 pesos for fully paid up bookings prior to 15 September 2020. Registration is by email at <>

Now that restrictions are gradually being lifted here in Jalisco, at Bare Stage tentative plans to reopen are being laid and cautiously firmed up. Production decisions are still reliant upon the evolving Covid situation, but the outlook is becoming more positive. 

“We have many plans on the go, and hope that Bare Stage will be able to resume its former monthly events, as soon as it is safe, but we will not expose our patrons to Covid to pay our rent!” Said Artistic Director, Roseanne Wilshere.

Because of Covid-19 all theatres must now comply with essential safety measures.  Bare Stage has obtained its Chapala Municipality permit to open and is limited to a maximum of 35% audience capacity, no bar or snacks, and everyone present must wear a mask. There can be no exceptions. 

While patrons’ fingers remain firmly crossed and organizer’s lips zipped regarding details of future productions, all being well we may yet see Bare Stage productions again before Christmas.

Keeping the Music Playing

Lake Chapala Community Orchestra

Although the Lake Chapala Community Orchestra has been unable to rehearse or perform since March, due to the Covid 19 restrictions, it has been active behind the scene recently in an initiative to raise much needed funds for Musica para Crecer.

Based in San Juan de Cosala Musica para Crecer, also known as Orquestra y Coro Filarmonica Infantil de la Ribera de Chapala, was formed in 2013 with the aim of providing under privileged children between the ages of 5 and 18 in the Lake Chapala area the opportunity to learn a musical instrument and sing, all within a setting of encouragement, positivity and a sense of community belonging.

Under the guidance of Coco Wonchee (President) and Daniel Medeles (Artistic Director) Musica Para Crecer  has been an unqualified success with over 150 students enrolling in the organization’s programs and performances.  A number of these students have appeared in the ranks of the Lake Chapala Community Orchestra.

Regrettably extensive Government support was recently withdrawn due to budgets that were drastically reduced in Federal and State education/cultural programs throughout Mexico.

In an effort to keep this important organization going and replace the funding the Lake Chapala Community Orchestra’s conductor, Michael Reason, organized a GoFundMe campaign and invited orchestra members and supporters to contribute and spread the word about donating to this important cause.

The campaign quickly got noticed and hundreds of Lakeside residents and many people from Mexico, the US, Canada and Europe generously donated to the fundraiser. The campaign closed on August 31 and the sum total raised was in excess of $50,000 pesos!

“The generosity of all the donors will enable Musica para Crecer to continue their important work in providing a musical education for the young people of this region” said Reason.

Reason continued by saying that “The importance of cultural activities in any community is paramount to the health and well-being of our society. This is why Musica para Crecer is such an educational treasure.”

Musica para Crecer
Michael Reason (Conductor, Lake Chapala Community Orchestra),  Soco Wonchee (President, Musica Para Crecer) and Daniel Medeles (Artistic Director, Music Para Crecer).

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