Mirror To The Universe—Progressive Freedom

Mirror To The Universe—Progressive Freedom

By Rob Mohr

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To undertake a journey on a road never before traveled requires character      

  and courage: character because the choice is not obvious; courage  

 because the road will be lonely at first.”          

—Henry Kissinger


Kissinger, with forward vision, was reflecting on the state of the world in better times. The game he played was four dimensional, each move inspired by spiritual undercurrents which shaped a Progressive World Order, and he was the master player. Yet today, many playing the world game are looking backward and blind to what lies ahead.

In recent history, the European Union with twenty-seven member countries has won economic and social gold. While China, and the East Asia coalition, and Brazil’s South American coalition, have emerged as aggressive future champions. Disastrously, America’s blindness has caused her ejection from the game. Focused on military power, tariffs, internal economic strength, and cultural prejudices, the United States has remained blind to the importance of regional and world unity. 

If the United States, Canada, and Mexico were in a regional economic and social union, they collectively would be a leading economic player in the world today. Mexico, currently the sixth fastest growing economy in the world, would have been a powerful ally for both the U.S. and Canada. Estimates show that the combined GNP (gross national product) of the three countries would be 25% to 50% higher than the sum of their current individual GNP. Their union would have eliminated border issues, excessive waste of money maintaining separation, and encouraged amnesty. Because of America’s lack of foresight, economists and political insiders, like Michael Cox, believe that within thirty years America’s international role will be significantly diminished. 

Multidimensional Freedom, unleashed by the progressive world order, uniquely addressed hard truths. Intuitive, spiritual insight focused on free trade, democratic systems, international cooperation, and effective multinational institutions, remains an ideal that has recently been abandoned in favor of me-first nationalism, autocratic systems, and the breakdown of multinational institutions that undermine cooperative freedom and the stability gained over the previous forty years. 

Today the U.S., China, and the Arab Middle East are aggressively vying for control of the world. Other player nations, including Japan, South Korea, and India, have been damaged by the sudden halt in the free market caused by trade wars instigated by the current U.S. government. As a result, the world is once again forced into conflict zones, with infighting between nations creating real danger for the planet.

We will have a world order whether you like it or not. The only question is whether that government will be achieved by conquest or consent.”

—Paul Warburg   

Simon Bolivar’s dream of a Gran Colombia, which included all of South and Central America, President Wilson’s vision for one World Order for lasting peace, and George H. W. Bush’s and Ronald Regan’s use of Progressive World Order to achieve peace with the Russians, all confirm the crucial need for a democratic structure focused on free trade and international cooperation.

A Progressive World Order remains the way forward for a full and healthy life for the world’s humanity and the environment. The dream, the spiritual energy required, must come from each of us. With the advent of robots and artificial intelligence (AI), human work in any traditional sense is rapidly disappearing. The economic support for human life will be generated by AI and robots who guide and staff production, trade, medicine, and administration.

This new world-interconnected economy will support health care for all people, quality housing, paid vacations, child care, lifelong free education, and guaranteed income for a healthy fulfilling life. Our creative and spiritual energies will be unleashed in every area of human endeavor. Once again our lives will be balanced between the physical and spiritual. The cosmos will open up and offer humanity gifts that we as yet cannot imagine. The portal into a secure future is open, if humanity chooses to enter.

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