Morning Meditation

meditation morning

Sliding silently into the murky pond

my wooden paddle breaks the glass

pushing ripples, gurgling softly, surging

the kayak towards the cabin on the point

nestled among the pointed firs

emerging from the morning mist.

Past a lonely, weathered dock

waiting patiently on crooked

greasy green slime-covered legs,

shadows of fish, lurking furtively

as the far-away loon hoots,

as a hazy sun peeks with anticipation

over the blackened hulk of the mountain.

I feel my stomach growl.

Smells like fresh-cut grass

as I push through the lily pads.

I’m startled as a great heron descends

gliding to his perch on a half-submerged

dried needleless spruce sapling

to resume his silent, wary vigil.

My reel whirs, worm and bobber

plop near a lone turtle sitting silently

on an algae-coated rock. A dragonfly

alights on the end of my pole

joining our community of morning lake life

we share at this moment.

I think of the fish slithering

beneath our loud silence.

April 2022 Issue

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For more information about Lake Chapala visit:

For more information about Lake Chapala visit:

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