April 2022

Slaying The Deer Slayers In Mexico: The Yaqui Experience

The following is an excerpt from Lost Worlds of 1863: Relocation and Removal of American Indians in the Central Rockies and the Greater Southwest, recently published by Wiley-Blackwell by W. Dirk Raat, a retired professor of history who has taught at SUNY Fredonia, the University of Utah, Moorhead State University (Minnesota), and Arizona State University.

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Random Acts

A Powerful New Novel Of The First World War By A Powerful New Author A 12-year-old girl is led out into the town square and flogged mercilessly, to the chants of “Spy!” and “Traitor!” shouted by frenzied onlookers, until her clothes and her very skin hang in shreds. This scene from Linda Steele’s novel Random

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Drag Racing

Excerpt from my young adult novel in process, FOR THE WANT OF LOVE “Listen, Kaya. Carl wants to go drag racing in Nankin Township where the county sheriffs don’t patrol. We’re going tomorrow. He wants to see what his latest souped-up engine will do. Can you come along? Carl will buy us root beer floats.”

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During Jesuit Theology class at Loyola High School one warm afternoon in 1947, Father Duggins’s monotonous voice was mesmerizing the ninth-grade class of fifty boys into a somnolent state. Rays from the afternoon sun slanted through the trees and into the windows. There was a warm hum in the air. The teacher was lost in

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