If Our Pets Could Talk – April 2022

This is part two: Lessons our pets can teach us, if we observe them.

if our pets april2022

Have you ever seen a cat or dog get so focused on doing something and keep trying until they succeed, like opening a package of “forbidden” food treats? They keep working at it until they get it done. That energy is fierce determination, discipline, resourcefulness, and adaption. All of this is the bridge between goals and accomplishment. If we humans want something realized, we certainly can act as successfully as a cat or a dog with a task.

Be happy! Cats and dogs focus on the smallest things which make them happy, even the simplest toy or a kind word. Being happy comes down to focusing on what you have, rather than what you don’t. But for humans, that’s easier said than done. That’s because we’re programmed to take the good for granted and brood over the bad instead, or what we think we should have or want. We need to learn to appreciate the small gifts of life. When we know how to acknowledge the beauty that already exists in our lives, we don’t have to spend all of our days chasing after it. Our pets practice this each day, so we can learn this from them. In addition to happiness, pets can teach us about gratitude, which goes hand in hand together. Pets remind us the value of what we already have and being grateful for it. This life lesson is part of learning to be content, and thankful for the simplest things in our lives.

Pets understand and can teach us if we are willing to learn the true meaning of being a friend, caring and expressing empathy.  Although they cannot speak words, their mere presence is reassuring and comforting, especially during a time of someone’s personal struggle or grief. They sense your feelings and graciously show up and sit with you providing a deep sense of healing that goes way beyond any words that could be said. Although they might not have  been  ‘best friends’ previously with that person, they recognize a person in need. The pet puts  their  feelings  aside if needed,  and offering  and providing   loving  care  and attention in time of need for that person.  For your pet, that person is “family” and does not   have to be a “blood relative” to care about. They understand better than  many  humans that sometimes “family” is the people in our lives who we’ve chosen to have there. Our pets might not be related to us genetically, but you’d never know it based on the way they love us.

Live in the Moment! Our pets have practiced “mindfulness” long before it became a popular trendy human thing. This is a brief explanation of mindfulness: a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, etc. Pets do this all the time, we just need to practice this and include it in our own daily life. They graciously and happily accept praise and good will from others. We can never really know what our pet is thinking about, but we know he is not worrying about schedules, family drama, what others think about him, etc. He is enjoying the moment he is in. For him or her, every scent is new, every person is special, and every bit of food is appreciated. Take joy in the smallest of  things, don’t sweat the small stuff, and relish the moment. Live your life like your pet does – enjoy  the moment!

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