Of Valentine’s

In February romance blooms
And Valentine’s become
The favored way of making plain
That love has struck you dumb.

Heart shaped this and heart shaped that
Are given and received.
Chocolate hearts and other fat
Are purposely conceived.

Postmen pay a price that day,
Beneath their groaning load,
So urgent messages of love
May timely be bestowed.

You may have heard there’s one small town,
Not far from Athabaska,
That gets a measure of renown
Called Valentine, Nebraska.

All this fuss to make the point
That love is unremitting
And therefore every year, dear sir,
Is worth your recommitting.

So when you send a Valentine
To your best girl and friend,
Let’s hope she takes it as a sign
That love will never end.

Let’s hope your Valentine, old chum,
Elicits an arousal
‘Cause sharing love is always good,
Especially if it’s spousal.

Mark Sconce
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