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July 2023

The Lake Chapala Society hosts Open Circle every Sunday at 10:30 am, a popular community gathering in Ajijic. Enjoy a range of presentations.

Entrance by the side gate on Ramón Corona, opens at 9:30 am. We recommend bringing a hat and bottled water. Check the website for upcoming presentations, make your reservation if you want to attend, and if you miss a past program, you can still enjoy it online at:


July 2, 2023: “Ben Franklin Reports on His Successful Mission to France”

By Steven Nousen

Dr. Franklin will address the events growing out of the British aggression against the Patriots who continue to fight and die in the cause of Liberty. 

Award-winning teacher, actor, and lobbyist, Steven Nousen has entertained and informed countless audiences at conventions, schools, and universities.  He has spoken at the National Geographic Society and the Library of Congress.  In his presentations, the audience becomes part of the show.

In marking the 246th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, Steven will close the program with a reading of a revised and updated interpretation of the Declaration. 

July 9: “Don’t Lose Hope: Escaping the Killing Fields of Cambodia” by Lori Brown

Lori Brown

Lori has just published a book titled Don’t Lose Hope that recounts her remarkable story in Cambodia. From the age of 12 she was forced to run her family farm, due to her father’s alcoholism. When she was 24, she was reduced to slavery in the Killing Fields of Cambodia for four painful years. But Lori never gave up hope and, with her two young children, eventually escaped Cambodia by foot.Today, Lori is an inspiration to many, a testament to the strength of the human spirit, and the power of hope in the face of adversity. Join Lori Brown as she shares her riveting account of her life.

July 16: “How to Keep Your Mind Sharp”

by Werner Ruzicka

Werner Ruzicka

Born in Germany, Werner grew up in Austria where he studied philosophy, literature, and theater. He worked in several theaters as an actor and director. In 1971 he was invited by the German Institute to come to Guadalajara where he formed a well-known theater group. He has traveled to Asia three times, studied yoga in India, and lived in Buddhist monasteries in Sri Lanka and Thailand, where he taught yoga. He began directing his own yoga center in Guadalajara in 1976. He now teaches yoga locally in the Casa de Cultura and at the Racquet Club.

He says of his Open Circle talk, “When we become older, our body becomes weaker and the mind loses its sharpness. Most people say that is old age. But it should not be like that. Just a little bit of effort and knowledge and our ripe years will be a blessing and not a cause of suffering. In this presentation we shall talk about the three essential parts which we should work on to keep the mind sharp.” He lists them as the body, breath, and mind.

July 23: “Lakeside Trends”

By Dr. David J. Truly

Dr. David J. Truly

David returns to Open Circle with his latest factual analysis of our Lakeside community.

 He is a researcher/ consultant, musician, and educator who lives in Austin, TX and Ajijic. He is an expert on international retirement migration and senior living in Mexico. In addition, he is a guitarist/songwriter who has performed through the US and Mexico.

July 30 –  Centro Regional de Estudios Musicales (CREM) with Emmanuel Medeles, Director. The program benefits the young people of the Lake Chapala region by allowing the continuation of their musical education. Struggling to carry out its activities because of Covid, CREM is very appreciative of financial supporters, many of whom are Open Circle attendees. Without this help, the students would not have been able to continue with their instrumental lessons, and choral and ensemble training. Please attend this special presentation by the talented youth of Lakeside, and contribute generously to maintain this remarkable program.

LAS VOCES DEL LAGO (“Voices of the Lake”)

July 28 and 29: A new Community Chorus debuts on July 28 and 29 at 3:00 pm,Lakeside Presbyterian Church, 250 San Jorge, Riberas del Pilar.             

Lakeside’s newest Community Chorus, Las Voces del Lago, under the direction of Co-Directors Ken Turner and Gary Young, is busily preparing for its debut concert. Don Beaudreau is the accompanist.

The 30-plus members of the choir will present a wide variety of music from traditional classical choral pieces (sacred and secular) to folk, Broadway and pop tunes. The first concerts will be held at the Presbyterian Church in Riberason Friday, July 28 at 3:00 pm and Saturday, July 29 at 3:00 pm. No reservations are needed. Concerts are free, although a donation box will be available at the door.

The goal of Las Voces del Lago is to provide people in the greater Lakeside area a venue for group singing. In the future  there will be smaller breakout groups from the larger group such as ensembles that concentrate on either Contemporary and Show Tunes, or a group of mostly music readers that presents traditional choral literature (sacred and secular). We want Las Voces del Lago to be a one-stop choral program for all.

Don Beaudreau, pianist (left) and Ken Turner, conductor (right)

Auditions for the upcoming Holiday Concert will begin in September. Audition dates are forthcoming. All rehearsals take place at the Presbyterian Church.

July 28, 29, & 30:

Here on the Flight Pathby Norm Foster

Directed by Kathleen Morris

Our Bare Stage production in July is one of Norm Foster’s most popular plays, Here on the Flight Path; it’s sure to please Foster’s legions of fans and to make converts of newcomers.

The play is set on two adjoining balconies on the top floor of an apartment building under the flight path of a major airport. The renter of one apartment is John Cummings, a divorced man who encounters three different women who move into and out of the apartment next door over a period of about three and a half years. Cummings writes a regular column with the title “Cummings and Goings” for the local paper. The play on words becomes all the more prophetic as the plot unfolds.

The play is sprinkled with edgy, PG-13 humor that leads to big laughs and has been hailed by critics as “a play to make spirits soar” (Hamilton Spectator) and “fall-down funny, heart-tuggingly sad, and wildly romantic” (Mississauga News).

We’re proud to present Kathleen Morris as director and cast members, Douglas Pinkerton playing John, Linda Goman as Fay, Lynn Gutstadt in the role of Gwen, and Sheryl Segal as Angel. Show dates are Friday, July 28, Saturday, July 29, & Sunday July 30. Tickets are $200 to join in the fun. 

RESERVE NOW at We are located at #261 on the mountain side of the Carretera in Riberas del Pilar across from the Catholic Church. Door and bar open at 3:00 pm. All bar proceeds go to Operation Feed. Seats are held till 3:50 pm. Auditorium curtains will be open for airflow.


Have you seen a dog with distemper or parvo? They are terrible things to see. Both are viruses and are very contagious. Distemper is one of the most serious diseases a dog can get. It affects all of the systems of the body and there is no cure. Parvo is much the same. While there is no cure, we vaccinate to protect dogs. While in the process of being fully vaccinated, our dogs are vulnerable and need to be isolated. For these reasons, it is essential for us to build an isolation area as soon as possible. Please help us make this dream come true. We require $2,700 USD or $55,000 MXN to construct a quarantine area for our new intakes.

To donate contact Tim Tierney at for more information.

For more information about Lake Chapala visit:

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