Ramblings From The Ranch – May 2023

When the staff arrived at The Ranch today they found six abandoned puppies in the play yard. Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon occurrence.  The new cuties look to be some kind of Shepherd/Malinois mix and their appearance today birthed this column!  The Ranch receives a large litter of puppies about once a month.

The Ranch staff follow an excellent veterinarian-developed protocol when  taking in puppies. Someone closely evaluates each puppy. If they seem too thin or ill, they are given immune-boosters, sometimes including goat yogurt, before vaccines are started.  The puppies are immediately treated with worm and flea medicine — every single one has worms and fleas!  The little guys are also checked carefully for mange and fungus.

Puppies who seem ill are taken to the veterinarian immediately for evaluation. The Ranch dreads any type of virus — distemper, parvo, corona.  These viruses can wipe out a litter and are also dangerous to other dogs who have not yet received their vaccines.  Distemper is particularly difficult to treat, and even with treatment, only about 40% survive.  Survivors often have life-changing neurological after effects as well.

Some puppies are old enough and healthy enough to thrive at The Ranch right away. Those who are too small or who are ill are hospitalized or are placed with fosters. If you love, puppies, please let us know! We really need more puppy foster homes. 

Puppies who stay at The Ranch are put into an isolation kennel until they have received at least two vaccines.  Only one staff member enters the kennel to clean and feed. This can be a challenge for our volunteers who are anxious to love on the puppies.

After their second vaccines, the puppies really need the volunteers.  They need love and socialization.  Patient volunteers also work on leash training. This is especially important for placing dogs for adoption in the United States or Canada.  For puppies to be adoptable, they need to be comfortable on leash. 

You may also be wondering how we name all these puppies.  It’s a group effort. Staff and volunteers who are on-site when the puppies arrive work on the names. The Ranch names all the puppies in a litter with monikers starting with the same letter of the alphabet.  When we see six puppies come in, we cross our fingers that we are not on the letter Q, X or Z. 

Today’s puppies are W dogs:  Willa, Wynona, Wanda, Whitney, Whinney, and Wendy. 

If you’d like to sponsor one of these cuties or any other Ranch dog, we would be so grateful.  You can donate through our website at https://www.theranchchapala.com, contact us through Facebook or by email at adoptaranchdog@outlook.com. 

We so appreciate your support in caring for our puppies and dogs!

For more information about Lake Chapala visit: www.chapala.com

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