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Words are like bullets. Once spoken they cannot be withdrawn. Advertisements are the same. As we have already begun political advertising for the upcoming national elections in 2024, I wish to weigh in with the one word I have for all political ads: Disgusting.

As I look at ads for the various openings on the state and federal level, and for congressional, senatorial, and presidential offices, the ads I see disgust me. I believe that the influence of social media has hastened the way to where we find ourselves. At present I think I find more class and maturity in junior high school races for class officers than our national candidates.

When I see an ad for a candidate, I want to know about the candidate and where they stand on the very important issues we face at present. I want to know that the candidate(s) have a plan and how they propose to implement the plan. I don’t want name calling, finger pointing and blame games. They have nothing to do with the work that needs to be done to set our country back on the right path. I don’t want any more lies!

There was a time when politicians paid more than lip service to their opposing candidates. They had genteel and tactful ways to express disagreements without disrespecting the other candidate and/or the office they might hold or seek. It was unthinkable to disrespect the office for which a candidate would run. And especially the office of the President of the United States. People can speak their minds about any candidate, but the office is never to be disrespected.

Yet it seems that has been left behind. There really is no respect left for our government or the people who hold office. And that is the greatest pity of all because it means that our citizens have lost the respect for democracy. They have opened the door to autocracy and it is slithering into our beloved country. We once could have differences, but we overcame those differences and worked together for the betterment of our country.

This is a very serious time, and we have serious problems which must be resolved. They cannot be resolved by one side berating the other side. They cannot be resolved by distracting each other from the vital work of the government. They cannot be resolved by the media leading our attention away from the important work of infrastructure, solvency, violence upon our children, health care and the effects of our own actions upon other countries in the world. We cannot afford to fall in with a bunch of bullies and name callers and forget about the sanctity of the vote. Doing so would be abandoning our democracy which we hold so dear.

It begins now and it begins with us. Clean up our advertising, allow our children to see adult behavior behind the advertising, the campaigning, and bring civility back into our political process.

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