April News from Centro Educativo Jaltepec

There are many new activities and future plans being put into place at Centro Educativo Jaltepec. We are sadly saying good bye to our highly respected Director of Education, Lupita, and at the same time welcoming Laura Hernández, who will be assuming Lupita’s role.  In addition, we are also welcoming three new volunteers on Linda’s team, Myra, Sharon and Norma, all of whom bring their special talents to this hard working group.  Linda Buckthorp will be retiring after 25 years of volunteer service with Jaltepec and is looking forward to undertake the training of a new leader for her team, Chiemi Ma.

Lupita Canepa, Director of Education

Lupita Canepa

Our beloved Director of Education, Lupita Canepa, will be retiring from her position after 16 years of dedicated service. 

The new Director of Education, Laura Hernández, comes to Jaltepec with years of experience. Linda, as Community Facilitator for Centro Educativo Jaltepec for over 23 years, had a very good working relationship with Lupita and is now looking forward to working with Laura, who has been a previous Director of Jaltepec

Lupita spoke at the recent successful Open House at Jaltepec:

“It has been a joy and privilege to be part of this Institution! Jaltepec has left an indelible impact on my heart: each of the student’s lives, each of the wonderful people, and the many sponsors with whom I have had the pleasure of working with over these years…

I would like to sincerely express my gratitude for the support I’ve received over my time directing the school.  To Linda, whom I’ve worked with over the past 16 years, and to Erika Torres and Bernie St Louis, both having dedicated so much time and energy to the school. With the continued support of people like these, everything is possible!

I would like to also thank and recognize Carole and Terry Baker, Timothy G Ruff Welch, and Bill Dingwall, all of whom have given so much time and love to Jaltepec, and to all the sponsors, who have contributed to change the students’ future.

I look forward to what will come next with God’s will directing my life.”


Open House Sponsor Appreciation Luncheon March 9th

The first in person Open House Sponsor Appreciation Luncheon and introduction of those students needing help with their tuition was held at the Grand Sala in Jaltepec.

Centro Educativo Jaltepec started with nineteen students seeking Scholarships this spring. With our three phase scholarship drive many of the qualifying students were funded for their ongoing education by the previous sponsors who committed for another year.

Sponsors of our 1st & 2nd year students were sent commitment letters in early January.  All responded positively with their continuation of sponsorship for their student. 

Eleven new students seeking scholarships had their BIOs sent to the sponsors whose student graduated last August, and all but three students were sponsored.

The three students left seeking scholarships were introduced during the Open House and they were all sponsored within twenty four hours by new visitors to Jaltepec.

There are many different opportunities to sponsor a deserving young person.  Collectively, each person commits to whatever financial level they are most comfortable with. Some students may be sponsored by a single supporter, and there are also groups of four, groups of six, and we even have a group of eleven to help support a student. 

New Volunteers on Linda’s Team

Volunteer and team member Myra Williams is utilizing her expertise in Marketing and Fundraising. Myra has created the new Bullet Flyer for Jaltepec. The informational “bullet” card has been a tool that Myra developed and implemented over the years of her career in the non-profit sector.  The flyer became an integral part of capturing and sharing the successes of the different organizations and quickly became an educational piece for staff, donors, prospects, and the public. The Jaltepec bullet flyer is being handed out at events and can be conveniently placed in local venues.

In addition, Linda’s team also benefits from Sharon Piercecchi, who has volunteered to help Centro Educativo Jaltepec with our Exclusive Tequila Tour, by distributing flyers throughout Lakeside and helping when needed in receiving guests at various events.

Jaltepec is on Facebook!

Linda’s volunteer team has also been joined by Norma Hall, who is qualified in Education and Internet Technology.  Norma has created the Facebook page, Centro Educativo Jaltepec.

Facebook users can copy and paste the link below and it will take them to the page.


They can also access the page in Facebook by searching for “Centro Educativo Jaltepec”.  If you would like to follow us, go to the Facebook page and click to JOIN ….in a few hours you will be accepted and you can view, like, and comment on our postings.

Your comments will be incorporated into posts, then copied to other Lakeside Facebook groups, for their followers to see:

Gringos Ajijic & Lakeside

Everything Lake Chapala and Ajijic Chat Group

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Ajijic Newbies

Mujeres del Lago (Ajijic and Lake Chapala)

Lakeside Out and About (Mexico)

Linda’s good friend, Chiemi Ma, has officially taken it upon herself to undergo training with Linda to lead this new team of talented volunteers.  It is known that Linda plans to retire June 1st 2025, after completing twenty five years of dedication and volunteer efforts for Jaltepec. 

When the construction is finished and the new school is finally completed it will head for a new era.  Not only will it be the finest Technical University in all of Mexico in Hotel & Hospitality Management, but it will be the envy of the world with the latest lab equipment.  

Chiemi Ma

For more information about Lake Chapala visit: www.chapala.com

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