Ramblings From The Ranch – November 2023

As of this writing, all of the local dog rescues are over capacity. At The Ranch, we have over 100 dogs. We could sure use some help. If you’ve ever thought about volunteering in some capacity, now’s the time. Here are some opportunities for you:

You can foster.

We always need foster homes for our dogs. From a few days to a month or more, you can help if you have space for a four-legged visitor at your house. The dogs who most need fostering are puppies who are too young for vaccines, dogs recovering from a surgery, and older dogs who struggle to strive in a shelter environment.

A few days of your time could be the difference between life and death for a puppy who is needing a little TLC. A week or two could afford a dog who recently had surgery the opportunity to recover in a warm, quiet environment where he could receive his meds throughout the day. A month of time could give a mother of newborn pups an opportunity to raise her family to a point where it’s safe to bring the pups into a shelter environment.

The Ranch makes it easy by providing everything you need.

You can walk dogs.

With over 100 dogs at the shelter, we need lots of folks to exercise and socialize the dogs. Many days, we have only two volunteers doing this important job! You are welcome at The Ranch any day of the week, from 9:00 to 1:00. Generally, dogs are walked from 9:00 until feeding time (maybe 11:45). Walk one dog or seven! We appreciate any help. An experienced volunteer will show you the ropes. Bring some water to drink and wear sturdy shoes. The Ranch property is lovely with trees and safe paths.

If you don’t feel up to a lot of walking, we always have puppies or older dogs who just need socialization and attention.

You can be a flight angel.

We fly dogs “up North” to adopters as much as we can. Generally, we fly to Portland, Oregon, and Seattle, Washington, where we have established rescue partners. If you can help by flying a dog with you, The Ranch will take care of all the dog check-in details and even give you a ride to the airport. At the other end, a volunteer will meet you to pick up the dogs. Easy-peasy! 

You can sponsor a dog.

Do you ever wonder if there is a simple, convenient and affordable way to make a real difference in the life of a Ranch dog? Sponsoring could be for you.

The average cost to feed and care for a healthy Ranch dog is about $30 USD a month. We have a sponsorship program that allows those who want to support the work we do by selecting a dog and donating monthly for their care. This is a wonderful source of income for The Ranch as we can rely on these regular monthly donations and it takes away a little of the worry that we may have about providing their care. And we can concentrate on our most important work, finding loving homes for these beauties.

If your sponsored dog is adopted, our coordinator will contact you and offer you the opportunity to either discontinue your sponsorship or select another amazing dog to be “yours.” Setting up your sponsorship is simple. You can do it as a monthly donation on PayPal or through the Foundation for Lakeside Charities.

You can adopt.

Come see us any day and find your new best friend.

For all of these options, The Ranch website will give you the info you need: www.theranchchapala.com

Or contact us through Facebook or through email at: adoptaranchdog@outlook.com

For more information about Lake Chapala visit: www.chapala.com

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