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Brian grew up in Santa Fe, New Mexico and has lived in San Francisco, the Bitterroots of Montana and the last three years in Mexico. “I grew up in the days of albums, reading the lyrics on the inner sleeves and album jackets. I thought to myself, “That’s what I want to do! It got me started writing poetry and being a wordsmith. I wanted to be the next Hal David or Bernie Taupin.” Brian has also written 10 haiku books and a handful of limericks. “I’m not a disciplined writer at all. I write when I get inspired by an idea and it won’t let go.”

At Katy and Guy’s House

The silence of the early morning dawn

Broken by the chilling cries of coyote

Mournful wailing, high pitched staccato bursts of song

Reminding all who can hear of the wildness which lurks

Just outside our doors and even closer- within our own lonely souls

I imagine a pack gathered in close proximity, maybe in a circle

Come together as native peoples once did sending their prayers

Into the cosmos, over the planet and into the sacred land just before war

For war has been declared on those who intrude and dare to destroy and alter

The landscape in an unconscious and violent way with no regard 

For the four legged and the winged, and the water sustainer of life

And the rock and the sky and wind which carries the wisdom of the past

And the future on currents of air

Now the coyote send a message, it is a warning

Beware and tread lightly, those of two legs and no heart

We are here and we watch from a distance

The forces of Nature are with us as they once were with you

There is a price to pay and our destruction will be your destruction

Do not sleep easy, it is late

There can only be be fitful slumber now

All dreams have been poisoned


Can’t Remember Man (a song parody)

(To the tune of ‘Nowhere Man’ by The Beatles)

I must’ve been there, I can’t recall

It was the sixties after all

Who was the walrus, was it John or Paul?

Dropped out of university

Tuned into the message of Tim Leary

Got my wallet now where did I leave my keys?

Can’t remember man

Where’s my stash

A few rare coins, a wad of cash

Can’t remember man

Did I put it in that old coffee can?

When I walk into a room

Forget my intention it’s gone too soon

Sudden amnesia feeling like a lost buffoon

Can’t remember man

My mind’s a blank

Overdrawn memory bank

Can’t remember man

So much has happened in this life span

I really don’t remember man

Memories like wind swept sand

My recollections likely second hand

Names and dates and passwords no thread nor strand

Details lost somewhere in the Yucatán


Crossing The Carretera

I’m a walking fool

Looking to the left, looking to the right

Trying to cross this road

Always gives me a fright

The cars just keep on coming

End to end this road is not my friend

Running through my village

Cars, big trucks and motorcycles too

Better move quick or they’ll run right over you

Progress! Progress! and not for the better

Lakeside or mountainside

Seems I’m always on the wrong side

Trying to cross that damned Carratera!

A pedestrian 

Looking for a break I stand and wait

Trying to cross this road

Feels like I’m tempting fate

The cars just keep on coming

From East to West this road a challenge and a test


Eulogy (a rap)

Our planet is a speck of cosmic dust

But the crux is not to rust

But to find your place, sound your voice, show your face

You are one of a kind, never to be replaced

So embrace and taste the sweetness of life 

The journey and flight

The take off and landing

Clarify misunderstanding 

Sing to the creator with chanting 

As the wine is decanting

Discover in the ordinary the enchanting 

Dig into the earth with a planting

Dare to create beauty and boldly defy 

The blight and ugliness around you

Although that is part of the divine too

Pursue the right view and be inclined

To align with what feels fine

Create by design and selfless intention

You will soon realize, you have theorized and idealized

And individualized the nature of reality 

Which is not what it it appears to be

A mental construct void of actuality and neutrality

The malady of duality,  but merge and combine

This is not for the mind to comprehend

Ascend and transcend

In the end your true identity, fundamentally 

May be without personality

But do not fear all was falsity

Owing to society and conformity

Bowing to authority, following the majority

Misunderstanding and religiosity

But it’s simplicity, and curiosity

And the ability and capacity for flexibility

That is the key

And with tranquility all becomes possibility

I am nothing, but I am loving

I am no one, nobody’s son

I have come undone

Still like a rhyme and pun

I return to the sun which is where I came from

Giver of life, in your arms I delight

Just for a moment I had a chance to shine bright

In those I loved and the words I wrote

The inner journey in an empty boat

And in conclusion, what a grand illusion!

To be human is to suffer confusion, delusion

Forgiveness and absolution 

What a ride, out with tide

Time to collide…with the infinite


Follow Me There

I am going to cross the border

Come on, follow me there

I need sunshine baby

I need to breathe the air

I want to learn the language

And we can grow our hair

Feel life flowing through us

As we become aware 

I’m packing light, you’re all I need

Just want to be with you

Pack your flip-flops, a swimsuit

Sunscreen if you want to

I really love your hazel eyes

You are a fire sign

I love the way you sing

Your fury deeper than mine

Gave away my possessions

Found out, they were owning me

Protecting the material 

Took too much energy

Let’s run away where day meets night

Down into a rabbit hole

Don’t worry ‘bout the pieces

Letting go to be whole

I am going to cross the border

Come on, follow me there

I need sunshine baby

I need to breathe the air


How Lucky Am I

I like walking down streets

I’ve never walked down before

I am curious about the spaces

That lie behind each colorful door

I like feeling slightly lost

With nothing but time to explore

How lucky am I

I like being anonymous

Savoring my reverie

I enjoy forgetting my own name

Remembering my true identity

I like feeling part of life

Not a cog in society

How wonderful to be present

I like knowing my way around

And remember with pleasure

The places I’ve found

Cafes and bars, good places to eat

Hidden bakeries with decadent treats

And some of the people 

I’ve had the good fortune to meet

Blessings one and all

I like beautiful sunny days

Feeling warmth on my skin

Walking the dogs then reading a book

Quiet and relaxed and very zen

I like doing my own thing

I do it again and again

How lucky am I


Last Night In Ajijic

The Jacaranda trees drop their leaves

And turn the cobblestone streets into purple carpets

When the rain comes at night, all is right

I fall into slumber in a state of bliss

It’s my last night in Ajijic

Time for one last look and a parting drink

Another sunset peachy and pink 

Tomorrow I’m traveling on

But I dedicate this song

To the village by the lake

Faces on the street I have come to know

Always a smile and a warm hello

Good food all around, walks on the malacon 

Waking up everyday in paradise has been fun

I’ll be back soon

Gotta cross the border and fly to the moon

The world I came from is calling

For more information about Lake Chapala visit: www.chapala.com

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