Larry Kolczak

Larry was a biologist and public information manager for environmental protection agencies in California and the Midwest. In his youth, he spent two years backpacking around Europe and Africa, supporting his travels by folk singing. He has lived lakeside since 2009.

Larry Kolczak

Lotsa Lukla

This year, my daughters flew down to spend Christmas week with me in Mexico. When they arrived, they had all the typical stories about how annoying flying has become these days. Flight cancellations, delays, crying babies, seatback-kicking toddlers, snoring passengers. When they landed there were no gates available. So they had to clamber down the

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Twice Blessed

Every year, around the October 4th feast day of St. Francis of Assisi, a local Anglican Church conducts a blessing-of-the-animals ceremony. For many years, they have conducted this event on the sprawling premises of Yves’s restaurant, in West Ajijic. Originally, the church used to conduct this event on their own property, but the number of

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