By Michael Cook
Reviewed by Margie Keane


diamondA poem by Michael Cook which appears on the back cover of his book, The Diamond Formation, describes the story within the covers perfectly. Actually, it is more a journey than a story, a journey filled with many emotions, some funny, some sad. Michael came to Mexico from Cottingham, England and lives in Jocotepec. He is a member of writers groups in Ajijic and Chapala and has been published in El Ojo del Lago as well as various publications in England.

Cook says his book is about four post-menopausal women, but it’s so much more than that. There are four women in his story; four women with completely different tastes, temperaments and desires, yet they have one common thread binding them together: the search for a fulfilling love, a feeling of self-worth. The author gives the reader the choice of taking on the role of one of the characters, thus becoming an active part of the story, or you can just be an observer. I chose to be a part of the story. It’s rather eerie.

Cook states that he wrote this story from his feminine side. He has done a remarkable job of portraying the feelings and emotions of each of the women. The fact that Cook was a psychologist is evident as his expertise in this field is seen throughout the book. He has a very lyrical writing style, often lapsing into rhyme, sometimes sounding Shakespearean, always brilliant. His poetry that appears randomly throughout the book is so beautifully written, so sensual, it almost detracts from the story line, leaving this reader wishing for a book of his poetry. In the book the “narrator” asks you “to take his hand and let him lead you.” Take it and follow him through exciting, sad, sensual, sometimes brutal passages. It could be a life-changing experience.

(The book sells for 200 pesos and is available at Smokie’s—the bookstore in Bugambilias Plaza and at La Perla.)

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