The Real Pandemic Killer – July 2009

The Real Pandemic Killer

By Joy Phoenix


stress3-grisStress has been acknowledged as America’s number one health problem. Authorities now believe that up to 90 percent of all illness is stress-related. Yet stressful situations don’t cause long-term problems. Our inability to manage the stress is what results in long term health problems.

We have not been taught how to deal with our stress; instead we are told ‘work harder’ ‘work smarter’ ‘take a pill’ ‘have a drink’ ‘relax and forget about it.’ So the stress gets suppressed into the body, where it begins to manifest as pain and disharmony and dis-ease, doing its best to draw attention to unresolved issues.

Clearing stress as it arises, instead of storing it in the body, is nothing more than common sense. You can take measures right now to avoid being a statistic. Following is a simple and amazingly effective visualization that helps clear stress from the body.

If your stress had a place where it lived in your body, where would it be? If it had a color, what color would it be? Does it have a shape or a form? Is it liquid or solid or vapor? Does it make a sound? Imagine your stress as clearly as you can, then take it out of your body, and place it in front of you. Mentally take a step away from it.

Now focus an intense beam of white light, directly on to the colored shape that is your stress and imagine it evaporating, hear it dissolving, observe until nothing remains, and then take a deep breath. Go back in to your body and see what color and shape it is now. Repeat the process until it’s completely clear. When nothing of the stress remains, irradiate the area where the stress in that beautiful light. Now choose the most marvelous emotion you can think of to take the place of that stress. You can choose anything; love, laughter, happiness, strength, peace, joy.

If this emotion had a color and a shape, what would they be? Imagine it as clearly as you can, and then place this form in your body where the stress used to live. Make it grow until it fills your body. Now make it ten times bigger until that emotion fills and surrounds you ten feet in every direction. Take three more deep breaths. Stretch.  Have a big glass of water. Repeat the entire process any time you feel stressed.

(Ed. Note: Joy is a stress management specialist certified in more than a dozen different holistic health modalities. She travels the world teaching alternatives to drugs, chemicals and surgery. Her website is She can be reached at 044 322 129 1128.)

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