Ed Tasca Wins Robert Benchley Society Humor Award for 2009 – October 2009

Ed Tasca Wins Robert Benchley Society Humor Award for 2009


Ed-TascaThe Robert Benchley Society announced the winners of the prestigious 2009 Robert Benchley Society Annual Humor Award. In first place was Ed Tasca of Ajijic for his “original and lively writing.”

Ed is a three-time published novelist, and has two new novels coming out in January and February of 2010. Lub Dub (Roseheart Publishing) is the story of a heart transplant delivery gone awry (he says he shared a first draft of the first chapter at the Ajijic Writer’s Group a year ago); and his Autobiography of a Worm (Eternal Press) is a poignant character study of a man wracked with depression who commits a perfect crime, then goes on to punish himself (a first serious novel dealing with a fundamental issue of humanity, the raging internal urges we all face which we find impossible to control).

All of Ed’s books are available from any online bookseller.

Award ceremonies for the Benchley Society are held in Boston and will be taking place early in 2010. Past judges of the competition have been Dave Barry and Bob Newhart. This year’s final judge Kevin C. Fitzpatrick founded New York’s Dorothy Parker Society. He is the author of “A Journey into Dorothy Parker’s New York,” and, with Nat Benchley, is the co-editor of the new book “The Lost Algonquin Round Table.”

Ed’s other works of fiction include: Return of the Lost Horses (Publish America), The Fishing Trip That Got Away (Roseheart Publishing) and Good Morning, why is everyone here naked? (A spoof of Columbus’s voyage of Discoveryout of print).

Ed’s comment on the award: “I’m honored to be this year’s top winner. Robert Benchley was probably the most influential figure in my writing career. Him and, of course, Yogi Berra.”

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