By Doctor Manuel Cordova

Transgenics (Gmo’s)
What’s It All About?
Part II


TransgenicsIn the 90s, the food technology industry worked very hard to develop new methods to produce better appearance and yield from agricultural products. The result was a new form of genetic manipulation in the food industry and a new concept for emerging technologies. Their goal was to create new and better products, but the evidence of long term impact on health, price and cost were grossly neglected.

There is much evidence to show tumoral development and genetic mutations as a result of the GMO process in the food chain. The results can change the human body in many ways. Soon, the commercial businesses and financial interest took over the control on the food industry and were motivated more by profit than nutrition. The massive media campaigns and commercials all appear to be in the best interest of the public, but the real truth of GMO was, obviously, not released as part of their advertising campaigns.

Large companies such as Monsanto, Nestle, Kellogg’s, Asgrow and numerous others have taken control of the industry. There is a serious absence of FDA legislation to prevent the misuse of GMO and people have not been properly informed of the dangers. The demand for increased production of food for a growing global population has clouded the issues of nutritional value and human health risk of what is actually taking place.

Fortunately, there have been numerous research centers and scientists who refuse to be silenced about the problem. Information is more widespread today about the dangers of GMO, but much more work needs to be done.

European countries are more informed than the United States has been and most of their food products contain labels to indicate which foods have been subjected to GMO.

In Mexico, food products are not all labeled for GMO; however, the problem does not exist to a large degree in this country at the present time for fruits, vegetables and meat products. Unfortunately, Monsanto has entered Mexico and plans to change the corn crops by adding GMO in certain areas. The long term impact to the agricultural terrain will result in contamination for future crops even if GMO is later discontinued.

Beware of your food consumption and make an effort to find out whether GMO is a factor in your daily diet. To know more about GMO`s check: World Natural Health Organization

(Ed. Note: J. Manuel Cordova, M. D. is a practicing Internal Medicine and Geriatrics Specialist who lives full time here at Lakeside.) (376) 766-2777

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