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animal-shelter2010We dropped by the Shelter dog center the other day to see how Bingo was faring these days now that Chester, his long-time room-mate, finally got adopted a while ago. Chester held the record of being in residence for 359 days before going off to a really good home. Now that distinction belongs to Bingo, who was taken in as just a tiny puppy and is barely a year old now.

Sharing living space with a few dozen other dogs has been the only life Bingo has known. So, without ever having experienced the joys of a home all his own, he’s leading the best possible life and staying in a good frame of mind, even though his human “family” arrive in the morning to feed, walk and care for him and have to leave him and his mates alone every night. Bingo’s spirits were high as he bounded into the front office to greet me like his best friend (which is how he greets everyone).

Bingo is a bright-eyed, medium-sized, reddish-blond, neutered terrier mix. He’s actually gotten handsomer over time and, with his sweetness and intelligence, it puzzles us that he hasn’t been adopted by now. But every darn dog in the place has something going for it, so we understand how this or that dog gets picked and a Chester or a Bingo stay a little longer. Bingo is the kind of guy that so values his friendships with the volunteers that at meal time he pays attention to them first before he turns to his dinner. He has his priorities.

There’s no doubt that the person or people who adopt Bingo will have a loving companion. Yes, he does have his quiet moments, although exuberant describes him best at first meeting (which is why it’s hard to get a really good picture of him!). With a little time and training along with the sense that he’s in a home of his own at last, Bingo is a dog you’d brag about having. Come in to meet him and the others in residence.

By the way, the Pedigree pet food people have supplied us with gift packages free to everyone who adopts a dog from us. They’re filled with pet-food samples and doggy treats.

At the Cat Center there’s the usual choice of beauties, ranging from little kits to more mature ones. Some cats can grow discouraged by shelter life. They withdraw a bit and it fails to come across to visitors the charming personalities that would be revealed outside the shelter environment. We had a cat recently so blue that we asked a foster person to take her in for a while to see if she’d cheer up in time. She cheered up instantly! She was adopted soon after. So take a long and careful look at each of our felines when you’re ready to adopt. And remember, every adoption makes room for another needy cat. So adopt two!

So many times we’ve stressed the importance of having an ID tag on your pet’s collar. Yet the number of dogs found without ID that are obviously lost pets is just sad. A reunion between dog and owner is just a telephone call away—if the dog has his phone number on him. Without ID, that dog may never see you and his home again.

The Animal Shelter

Hidalgo #212, Riberas del Pilar

(376) 765-5514

For more information about Lake Chapala visit: www.chapala.com

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