MEXICO—Better And Healthier Than People Think!

MEXICO—Better And Healthier Than People Think!


mexicocityThe population is aging, so many of the people who currently hold jobs are retiring, opening up jobs for younger workers.

The last two presidential administrations fostered and encouraged home ownership, which is building a growing middle class.

The current administration, at great cost across the board, is fighting corruption and the invasive influence of the drug cartels. It is difficult and painful… but must be done. If Mexico stays the course, this will bring great long-term benefits.

Mexico does have vast oil resources. If they ever allow private professionals to get involved, the country can rival many OPEC members.

Mexico is a young democracy… as it matures, it will get better.

Mexico’s proximity… for better or worse… to the United States gives it great opportunity. Both countries must get over immigration and border sensitivities, and if they do, both will prosper in the relationship.

The Pan American games are coming to Guadalajara in October 2011…this year! Guadalajara and Lake Chapala will have a lot of exposure during the games…promoting awareness of the area as a tourist, resident or business location. Since Lake Chapala is sponsoring the water-skiing portion, the area looks to benefit from the additional advertising and tourism coming to the area.

Drug violence is not a threat to ordinary tourists like you and me. This is according to the Mexican government, the U.S. State Department and

Mexican highways are excellent and well-marked. Most major cities are now connected by well-engineered toll roads that have limited access and are patrolled by federal police and Green Angels, motorist-assistant trucks manned by mechanics.

Customs offices are clean and customs officials are professional and efficient. Neither used to be the case.

Gas stations are also vastly improved. Almost all now include a convenience store and some even have food courts.

And the vehicle stock is better than years ago; gone are most of the lopsided buses and one-eyed trucks of the past.

“Mexico’s Drug War Doesn’t Stop Tourists” ( – Top Quote: “I live in New York City,” said Shari Prince, the owner of a residential real estate company in Manhattan who returned last month from what she called a “fantastic” five-day getaway with her three daughters on the Riviera Maya, which is just southwest of Cancun. “I’d be more concerned about the crime here than in Mexico.”

“Tourism to Mexico jumps nearly 20%” ( – Top Quote: “In a surprising turnabout, international tourism to Mexico showed a sharp increase this summer — a sign that tourists may be putting aside worries about the economy and fears of drug-related violence, analysts say.”

“Tourism to Mexico is Up” ( – Top Quote: “In addition to having several of the top sun and beach destinations of the world, Mexico has 30,000 archeological sites, 110,000 monuments and 31 Unesco World Heritage sites. Many places have one or maybe two of these elements, but only Mexico combines all of them in one destination.”

“Mexico Tourism Official: Agents Big Part of Resurgence” ( – Top Quote: “Consumers are now aware that all of these problems are away from where they will be visiting in Mexico,” Sumano says. “People are much more aware and we wanted to thank the travel agent community because of what they have shared with their clients.”

AARP‘s website, Ask Peter Greenberg, Question: “Is Mexico Safe for Travel?” Greenberg subtitled his response “Don’t believe the hype, but do be aware of your surroundings” and went on talk about how, yes, there is violence in Mexico but that the majority of the reported violence is focused in a few border areas, far removed from popular tourist destinations like Puerto Vallarta and the Riviera Maya.

With its profoundly rich Indian and Spanish culture, its spectacular beaches and charming colonial hill towns, its real estate bargains and its proximity to the United States, Mexico is the undisputed number one destination for American retirees. It boasts thriving expat communities in Lake Chapala, near Guadalajara; San Miguel de Allende, in Guanajuato; Baja California; and Cancún, in the Yucatan.

A quick word about crime and safety in Mexico: Yes, it can be dangerous in the cities bordering the United States (mostly to drug cartel members themselves!). Mexico, however, is also nearly three times the size of Texas, and most of the country is reasonably safe and secure, especially resort areas and tourist destinations.

Good news: Mexico held an election, and drug cartels lost Saturday, July 17, 2010 The good news for Mexico – and for its relationship with the United States – is that, try as they might to disrupt the political process and dictate the outcome, the cartels failed to do either. Despite violence that included…the assassination of a gubernatorial candidate, many voters turned out to cast ballots – for their choices and not the cartels’.

Mexico is growing by leaps and bounds. According to Business Week, Mexico’s middle class “have swelled to record levels.” While many people mistakenly assume that Mexico is an impoverished country, the truth is far from that. Millions of Mexicans have access to mortgages, have solid jobs and are saving toward their children’s higher education.

Mexican stocks are outperforming the U.S. stock market. Since 2005, the Mexican stock market has outperformed U.S. Stock markets, according to the S&P 500. In fact, the Mexican market has not only performed better but it’s done at a rate of 10 to 1.

Alaska Airlines flies to nine different Mexico destinations and they are offering deep discounts and also offering vacation packages that get you down to Mexico at even lower rates: Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta/Riveria Nayarit, Los Cabos, Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo, Manzanillo, La Paz, Loreto, Guadalajara, Mexico City.

Mexico Will Continue to Accumulate International Reserves in 2011. Their record breaking year in 2010 will continue into this year as Mexico strengthens its financial position, reported the Wall Street Journal. Economists declare that inflation rates in Mexico will be contained throughout 2011 and well into 2012. In fact, many experts expect the Bank of Mexico interest rates to stay put into 2012.

Largest Bond Fund Manager says “Invest in Mexico” on Bloomberg Television.

Foreign reserves peaked at a record $113.6 billion in Mexico in 2010, rising $22.6 billion toward the end of the year.

Mexican Banks Anticipate Bull Market in 2011: According to the Wall Street Journal, consumer banks have shown double-digit growth in most of their product lines this year.

Virgin America airline chooses Mexico as its 2nd International Destination.

Mexican GDP Expected to Grow in 2011: The United Nations and the Mexican government both have approximately the same estimate for Mexico’s gross domestic product growth in 2011, around 3.5%. This is on top of a 5.3% growth in 2010, as reported by Morningstar.

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