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Lakeside Living
By Kay Davis

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June 2011

At the Community Awards ceremony May 3, Chapala Police Chief Reynol Contreras was honored for his unstinting dedication to the job even following a criminal attack on his home, and consequently, his family (See this month’s centerfold). A newspaper article stated:
In mid-January the home of Chapala Police Chief Reynol Contreras was bombed by hoodlums. The bombing did about $30,000 pesos worth of damage to his home.
A fund has been set up to help with repairs, and if any money is left over, it will go to the police department to continue their work against criminal activity in our community. If you can, please help us help Chief Contreras. Just go into either branch of Actinver/Lloyds and tell them you wish to donate to the fund for Chief Contreras under the name of Robert Jerry Eubanks, account #6678064. Mr. Eubanks is a long-time resident with an impeccable reputation. He is a friend of Ann Heath, who is the liaison with the Chapala Police Department, and he has agreed to put the account in his name since the bank requires a name on the account. Actinver/Lloyds, # 6678064, name on account: Robert Jerry Eubanks. You can also use Paypal with a credit card, even without a Paypal account. Just go to

Chapala Police Chief Reynol Contreras

At the April 18 meeting of CASA, Mary Ann Waite and Lee Monaco won Peoples’ Choice for their presentations at the Culinary Arts Society of Ajijic (CASA). Lee’s presentation was Sri Lankan Vegetable and Bean Curry and Mary Ann’s was White Chocolate Fruit Tart. Mary Ann, CASA President, was also awarded First place for her presentation.

Mary Ann Waite and Lee Monico, CASA People’s Choice winners for April

The official judges (Mike Campo, Fran Murphy and Brad Feldser) awarded Monica Molloy First place in Category A – Asian/Oriental/Indian Entrée. Second place in Category A went to Wayne Palfrey for Asian Lettuce Wraps, and Third place to Marti Hurley for Honey Walnut Prawns. In Category B Pam Ladd was awarded Second place for Raspberry Truffle Tart, along with Hazel Tash for Individual Pear and Anise Star Tarts. Speaker for the meeting was Norma King, who discussed the various kinds of wraps that are used in preparing many Asian/Oriental/Indian dishes.
Monica Molloy’s presentation of Crab, Shrimp, Fish, and Chicken Paste on Sugar Cane with Peanut & Sweet and Sour Sauce won First place in April (see above) for her Asian/Oriental/Indian Entrée. Her entrée for March, South Indian Curry, won First place that month. Monica’s January presentation, Peppered Rosti with Crème Fraiche and Caperberries, received Peoples’ Choice award.

Monica Molloy, winner of CASA’s Category A and 6 Bing Awards

“I absolutely love CASA; it is in my blood,” Monica stated. Her work has paid off; since joining CASA she has won 6 Bing Awards (in 2001, 2003, 2005, 2008, 2009 and 2010). The Bing is given to presenters who have won 3 First Place Awards in a calendar year.
Born and raised on a farm in southern Alberta, Monica admittedly did not learn how to cook until much later in life,” Monica reported. A friend presented her with Julia Child’s How to Master the Art of French Cooking. “That was the beginning of a passion, to learn as much as possible about cooking,” Monica said.
Later, after meeting and marrying Michael Molloy, Monica had the opportunity to travel, experiencing local cuisines and also taking cooking classes to learn some of the exotic dishes that she had sampled. After moving to Ajijic in 1999, Monica was introduced to CASA and she joined that same year. Surprising to her, Monica’s first presentation won Second Place and “I was hooked!” she exclaimed.
Anyone interested in learning more about CASA, contact Mary Ann Waite, President, at 766 – 1436. 
In May approximately 130 Rotary Club members and guests gathered at La Nueva Posada on Cinco de Mayo for the Club’s biggest annual fundraising event. The celebration included festive Mexican attire, mariachi music, delicious Mexican food and drinks, a silent auction and a 50-50 drawing. Projects completed so far in the current Rotary year (July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2011) are (amounts in U.S. dollars):
· Hope House Carpentry Workshop – $41,578
· Libraries for Local Schools – $24,650
· Atotonoquilo Rescue – $735
· CODENI Workshops and Equipment – $19,130
· Drug Rehab Chapala Facility – $400
· CODENI Otomi Homecoming Support – $891
· Prepa Scholarships – $2,300
· Dog Assisted Therapy – $820
· Hope House Supplies, Generators – $10,000
· Hope House Chicken House Supplies – $1,500
· Love in Action Bunk Beds and Closets – $1,000
In the works are the following projects:
· Tlachichilco Water Treatment – $7,500
· Tepehua Community Center – $13,321
· Wheelchairs – $940
· Love in Action, Water – $13,959
· Love in Action, Bazar – $4,609
· San Nicolas Secundaria – $2,500
· Fire Equipment – $12,000
· Horse Stories Books – $6,400
For more information about Rotary Club of Ajijic, visit the Club’s website at

Scholarships Chair Marvin Harthcock and Secretary Helaine Harthcock

Todd Stong sent out a summary of work undertaken and on-going this year. In case you did not have a chance to hear him speak at Open Circle or to see the Community Awards ceremony where he received 10 awards(!), here are the key elements from his summary.
1. Low Priced Bottled Water: We now have a village with a water system for filling the 5-gallon drinking water bottles whereby the people can buy them for 5 pesos instead of 20 pesos, saving each family 4000 pesos/year. This is to be a model for 30 million people in rural Mexico. The management and operation is to be run by women.
2. Aquaculture Jobs: We have a low-risk, appealing way to introduce aquaculture (fish farming) to the interior of Mexico and the government is considering a significant investment. In that Mexico has only a 10% stake in aquaculture while the world average is 55%, we see a possibility for this project to create 100,000 to 400,000 new jobs in Central Mexico.
3. Heavy Metals Testing of Fish and Lake Water: We have now completed over 160 tests (going for 250) and we know much more about specific parts of the lake and the safety of its fish for human consumption.
4. Lake Testing for Recreational Safety: Water samples are being tested from various points around the lake for fecal coliform bacteria. This is our 4th year at this. Results so far look very good.
5. Wetlands: What is the future for creating man-made (engineered) wetlands in front of each of the 16 waste Water plants to assure any treated water from such plants has a chance to undergo natural, biological treatment before entering the lake?

Todd Stong with Sr. Hector Alvarez at Community Awards


Spaghetti with Meatballs

On June 17, 5 – 8 p.m. at Salvador’s Restaurant, Animal Buddies Campaign (ABC) is having a Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser to aid Dr. Pepe Magaña with low cost Spay/Neuter for local rescuers. Live traditional Mexican and American music will be played. Ticket cost is $190 pesos. Door prizes. Introducing ABC custom made wooden dog/cat beds. Tickets at Diane Pearls, Mia’s Boutique, Anita’s Animals (Wed. Tianguis), Salvador’s, New Look Studio in San Antonio and from ABC members ( Join us for a fun evening and help the animals at the same time. You must bring a ticket for admittance and door prize entry.

Mulitple Events:
The American Legion post #7 schedule for June:
Sundays…….12 – 3 p.m. Legion grill burgers
Jun 1……….8:30 a.m. – 1 p.m. Yard Sale
Jun 2……….3 p.m. Maple Leaf Club – calling all Canadians, bring botanas
Jun 8……….9 – 9:45 a.m. – US Consulate Services (late? go to LCS)
Jun 9……….5 p.m. – 3rd Annual Jimmy Buffet Shrimp Boil (cocktails at 4)
Jun 14……….3 p.m. – Flag Day – flag burning ceremony
Jun 23……….3 p.m. – Lone Star Club (Country-Western music)
For information, call 765 – 2259 or
Lake Chapala Society offers many activities for a variety of tastes and needs. There are the clearly identified libraries of books and DVDs; there are singles activities; medical tests; documentation for afterlife; special fund raisers, and on and on. Whether you are a member or a visitor, LCS holds an important place in our community, and one of the primary services is teaching local children the rudiments of art. Some of our community’s finest artists began with lessons here at LCS.
The Singles Mix & Match June Activities include:
June 11 “Terry’s Trip” to his favorite places in central Guadalajara, bus leaving Ajijic at 2 p.m., dinner at 5:30 p.m. at an Argentine restaurant, bus home at 7:30 p.m.
June 22 LCS Mixer at LCS with cash bar, free botanas, music, a chance to meet and greet other singles at Lakeside; non-LCS members $20 pesos.
June 28 “Annie’s Trip” for a shopping experience at Galerias Triunfo and other stores, bus leaves Ajijic at 9 a.m., 2 p.m. lunch, 5:30 p.m. Brazilian dinner on Plaza Patria, 7:30 return bus.
A group of dedicated volunteers met in January to restructure the leadership of the successful Saturday morning art program to ensure that it continues for many years. The group adopted a mission “to provide opportunities for children to explore and develop their creativity” and created a six-member steering committee to provide on-going leadership. During the first 55 years there were only two leaders, Neill James and Mildred Boyd. While the program has prospered, no individual can replace either of these women. It is hoped that a new shared leadership will stimulate a flush of new growth from very old roots.
Visit on Saturdays from 10 – 12 on the back patio at LCS to meet the children and see the projects they are working on. The program is free and all are welcome. The program depends primarily on donations of time, talent, materials and funds from residents and visitors. More volunteers are needed to assist with the Saturday morning program and special events. They are also looking for someone to act as Event Coordinator and participate on the Steering Committee. If you have an interest, contact Delayne Giardini at 762-1721 or

Jesús Lopez Vega teaches art to Luisa, Jorge and Daniela and others.

June 6 – 9, 10 – 12, Lakeside Little Theatre Presents 2011 Summer Workshop on Theatre Fundamentals for Beginners with Larry King. Learn the basics of stage theory, acting, and movement from the director of such audience favorites as The Glass Menagerie, Same Time Next Year, Incorruptible, The Dresser, and The Foreigner.
June 11 there will be a performance for an invitation-only audience of family and friends with a potluck wrap-up party to follow. This workshop is free to LLT members and season ticket holders. Annual memberships are $100 pesos and will be available for purchase at the Workshop. Don’t miss this perfect opportunity to prepare for next season’s auditions! Contact Larry at
Love in Action:
This year at the Community Awards, Anabel Frutos was presented with the “Project of the Year Award” for the further development of the Love in Action Center. The Center is now home to 60 lucky children from 18 months to 18 years. Children are placed by government agencies, or are dropped off by parents unable to care for them. There are many sad stories of how some arrived. With the love of caring adults, these children’s lives have been changed. See the Love in Action Center Website under “News” at
A special thanks from Mary Anne Molinari to Adriana of Hacienda Ajijic Steak House. A few weeks ago the Center’s bazar cash register got fried from a big power surge in Chapala. Mary took it to an electronics man who claimed it could not be repaired. The register cost $4,000 pesos (a gift from Rotary). Mary was in Hacienda Ajijic Steak House, asking where to buy cash registers (most use computers now) and Adriana said she would have someone look at it. He fixed it for $200 pesos. Now there is a proper surge protector on it.
VIVA La Musica:
Jalisco Philharmonic – The summer Jalisco Philharmonic Orchestra season has not yet been announced. As soon as details are available on the next season, bus trips will be planned accordingly.
Viva Fall Concerts – There is an exciting & varied line-up of concerts for this fall:
Sep 29 Vocal Contrapunto Choir
Oct 27 Piano “Four Hands” – Guillermo Salvador and Rosalinda Preciado
Dec 1 Dolores Moreno, soprano, with the Chris Wilshere chamber orchestra
The concerts will take place in the Auditorium at 7:30 p.m. Ticket prices are $250 pesos for members, $300 pesos for non-members. Season tickets are now available for these 3 concerts. Call Rosemary 766 – 1801. Patrons and Series ticket holders will have priority seating in reserved rows G and H center.
SPECIAL SHOW—Featuring Dan Noll at Ajijic Art House gallery in Chapala (The Art House Gallery, Chapala). The date has been changed to June 21, at 4pm. Drinks and botanas. The location is 1/2 block beyond Notary #5 as you enter Chapala. (229 Hidalgo). The gallery is open 10 to 5 daily. The venue is a spectacular two-story building. Dan’s reproductions are of some of the greatest paintings of all time! (See the Focus on Art column in this issue for more information. All art work is for sale.)

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