June 2011

Border Boredom

BORDER BOREDOM By Ed Tasca   Because of the current U.S. recession, the fed’s less aggressive pursuit of illegals and a severely reduced flow of Mexican immigrants across the U.S. border, it’s been reported that U.S. border agents – normally alert, professional and keen – are having a hard time managing the lack of action

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Night Shift Nyc

Night Shift Nyc By Allen McGill     Nearly midnight, silence beyond the glass barrier that separates me from the world below. I watch the lava flow dwindle to swift-moving sparks, limning parallel river drives heading south; tunnel-swallowed where they meet. Illuminated webs spread erratically between, moving at the whims of amber, red and green. Spastic

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Stay Healthy! – June 2011

STAY HEALTHY! By J. Manuel Cordova, M. D.tmdjmcordova1204@yahoo.comwww.mdjmcordova.com376-766-2777 “Stress—The Other Killer”Part  II   Recognizing Stress….  Occasionally, these changes are so gradual that you or others around you may not recognize them until your health or relationships change. As with the physical symptoms described earlier, you may not recognize such emotional changes for what they really

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