LAUGHING BEACK: Healer & Friend

LAUGHING BEACK:  Healer & Friend

By Duncan Aldric


mexican-beach-sunriseStanding at the threshold of where the water churns and toils to break down, over centuries, the sand that is the edge of the beach that has become my friend and healer, I allow my body to be pulled and pushed, urged and cajoled back and forth and even side to side.

Today, the waves are slow, long and only about four or five feet high. What is special about today, as every day here is special in some different way, the waves and tide and sand have all worked to provide a “ditch” in the sand where the waves don`t “break” in a long row, they churn and roll in place, each wave for several seconds, allowing you to stand in place and feel the actions of the wave act upon you for seconds at a time. Healthy movement for mind, body and spirit.

There is no one else on the beach except a white dog, not yet fully mature but with a gifted nature of loyalty, play, trust and comradeship (and recognition, she is not mine but if I ride my bike into town and she is there with her owner, she spots me from afar and runs to greet me every time (sometimes stopping traffic in the process!)). She is resting after I spent some time wrestling with her and throwing a coconut into the ocean for her to retrieve. Though I try to keep an eye on her (I am trying to break her of the habit of digging up crabs to chase (in play) because she doesn`t understand that the crab is harmed and often killed by this), I am nonetheless pulled into the breath of the ocean.

Shenna, a scientist/surfer friend of mine has taught me to listen for the breath of the ocean. And wow, the ocean DOES breath… in cycles and cycles within cycles. Some days the waves, at times, are simply too giant for me to swim, but having learned to feel the breath of the ocean, I can still swim these days if I am careful about the riptide and cycles of waves.

You see, where I swim is between two sets of outcropped rocks. The currents, riptides and eddies can be a bit daunting but with care, I can think of no more powerful medicine for healing everything from arthritis and disintegrated discs to mental agitation caused by the hate and blame of the selfish in the world. Spiritual growth is the gift of this friend I call Laughing Beach. And nature is filled with these places of healing and beauty.

My roommate, Sasquatch, of whom you have heard me speak before, thinks that this beach is located on a special energy point found at various places on the Earth. He also thinks, based on the similar sizes and shapes of some of the rock out-croppings, that this used to be a location whereupon was once built a temple.

It is my understanding that the water, now brown and somewhat sick looking, was, not more than a couple of generations ago, bright aqua blue, the result of a thriving reef that has since been ripped out for various human activities having nothing to do with loving the planet, loving others nor giving thanks—and everything to do with lining the pocket book. What a change has undergone this place, still so willing to offer friendship and health to me, an interloper.

Imagine, if you will, a people neither governed by men nor women but rather by goodness, who spend their lives sharing the land and ocean, doing nothing knowingly to destroy or harm either and doing everything to give thanks and honor. Who toil for no other reason than to eat and to create art by building temples at points of great energy to heal the poor of spirit, body and soul. And, perhaps most importantly, to simply give acknowledgment and gratitude for the beauty and bounty that is this Earth and Sky.

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