A NEW LEASE—on Life! – June 2011

A NEW LEASE—on Life!

By Judit Rajhathy, B.A., RNCP, D.Ac.

Time for Change


gym_new-leaseTo everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven . . .



It is with mixed feelings that I write this month’s column.  It is time for change – a change of pace.  When we opened our doors six years ago there were just three other fitness facilities in this area – Structures located in central Ajijic, Spinning and Pilates on the Libramiento and Club Oxigen in west Ajijic. I recognized the need for a facility that would provide gentle strength training with hydraulic equipment combined with a good cardiovascular workout – and out of this need Change of Pace was born.  We had six excellent years and I was blessed to have had an amazing staff who offered their best and became great friends with many of our members.  My life has been enriched with the privilege of being able to spend this time with you all.  Along with getting more fit, we have shared many of life’s ups and downs – the richness of our lives along with sicknesses and deaths.  We have felt you all as family.  My heartfelt thanks to all of you who have supported our venture over the years.

It is now time to pass the torch – new energy, new blood!  Today I am happy to see that not only do many fraccionamientos have their own fitness facilities that are complementary for the residents but that many local gyms have sprouted over the past six years and that there are more to come.  No longer do any of you have excuses to not be in the best of shape!  There is something for everyone – so get out there and shake your booty!  I always ended my articles with “and see you at the gym”.  Now it will be “see you around the village”!  (Judit)

I cannot begin to describe how grateful and fortunate I am for the time I spent working at Change of Pace!  The opportunity of getting to know you all (as well as the people I worked with over the years) with your varied personalities and backgrounds has been a treasure for me.  Change of Pace became my second home surround with great friends.  It will be difficult to not see you on a daily basis but I am sure we will see one another around the village.  So in this sense I feel a bit sad but am at the same time very excited to have a change of pace in life . . . Keep up the workouts! (Rosalba)

I thank every one of you for allowing me into your lives.  Working at Change of Pace has been a pleasure and has contributed greatly to my life.  You have been a huge motivator for me to learn English. Thank you for being my beloved friends and if I don’t see you around the village I will see you at Walmart! Take care and hope you stay well. And don’t forget to work out!  I remain your friend forever. (Gilberto)

Judit Rajhathy is the author of the Canadian best selling book Free to Fly: a journey toward wellness and can be reached at rajhathy@gmail.com. She continues to do laser therapy, EFT, NAET, and acupuncture at 765-4551.

For more information about Lake Chapala visit: www.chapala.com

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