Anita’s Animals – October 2011

Anita’s Animals

By  Jackie Kellum


Anita---Ojo-AugustOct. 4th  is the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi  and  World Day For Animals,  recognized universally by Animal Societies all over the world.  At times it is hard  to  keep  faith in humankind   when you see cruelty in various forms  in the treatment of animals here at Lakeside or elsewhere. One can only keep going forward, one day at a time,  in the knowledge that  there are many good people who not only show love and respect for animals, but act upon these good  human traits by taking action like  feeding  a hungry animal or  rescuing an animal  that  has been put in harm’s way. St Francis was said to say:  If you have men who will exclude any of God’s creatures  from the shelter of compassion and pity,   you will have men who deal  likewise with their  fellow man.

One of  the  unspoken  benefits  of  having a family pet is  they always  listen to you when you talk, unlike a spouse  or friend. They  do not care  if you tell them  all about your problems, complain about things, repeat the same story again, etc. According to an Associated poll taken: A third of pet-owning married women, said their pets are better listeners than their husbands. And eighteen percent of pet-owning married men, said their pets are better listeners than their wives. Consider this a companionship plus of having a cat/dog in your family.

Now, is the time to make  plans for your  pet  in case  you can no longer care for your family pet. Please do not  wait until the unplanned circumstances  occurs. Check Anita’s website and click the  tab:  Pet Godparents. There is a form  available that can be completed on the computer and printed out, giving detailed instructions about YOUR wishes for  the care of your family pet[s]  in the event of an emergency. 

This  is  a sad and  staggering  mathematical  fact:  One female dog and her offspring, can produce 67,000 dogs in 6 years time. One female cat and her offspring can produce 20,736 cats in 4 years time. Anita and her volunteers  wish to acknowledge and express gratitude to the group of individuals, collectively known as Animal Buddies Campaign [ ABC ] for their support of spaying-neutering of some of Anita’s  Animals. ABC is the only group / entity that supports Anita for this specific, much needed medical  care. This  group  held  two  fund-raiser events,   a  March  Bazaar  in front of Vet. Pepe Magana. The other was a June spaghetti dinner,  with live music  event  at Salvador’s  restaurant-Ajijic. Because  of  the community’s caring, generosity, and desire to decrease pet over-population, these two events created a “credit “ for  sterilization surgeries with Vet. Pepe who  provide a discounted rate, and Anita  was able to have twenty-two cats and dogs spayed-neutered.   

Everyone is aware of  these  difficult  economic times we are all dealing with, and sadly, many more people are “turning-in” their animals due to finances and  at times because of their   own personal health problems. Due to the dramatic influx of in-coming animals,  the need for donations  has  also increased. Donations that Anita  receives  in the form of pet  food,  items for “re-sale”, money, etc. it is especially appreciated during these times.     Thank You for your help and caring!!

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