Freedom Beyond The Fence

Freedom Beyond The Fence

By “Kitty”



As I lay here in my bed,

There is nothing to be said.

Even though others are near,

I’m very much alone in this place of fear.

The rain is pouring down

And the winds are swirling round and round.

There are no stars in the sky tonight.

But what I see outside is a beautiful sight.

The sounds of the rain

Against my window pane

Help bring to mind all the good things in life I have yet to gain.

I remember times gone by

When the good life seemed to be on my side.

I could sit with loved ones and relax.

Enjoy my animals or just kick back.

What’s better now is that God is closer than ever.

His Holy Spirit will leave me Never.

My freedom was taken away, which is why I’m here,

But God gives me comfort because He’s always near.

A fence of wire surrounds this place.

I try hard to cope, but it’s really hard to face.

Being innocent really doesn’t matter.

The legal system is as crazy as the Mad Hatter.

But without God’s mercy and grace,

I couldn’t survive living in this small space.

I pray to God for the day

That He will take me away

And restore my freedom on this earth

Or on to Heaven as my rebirth.

My salvation and recompense

is Freedom Beyond the Fence.

(Ed. Note: This poem was written by someone whom many believe was incarcerated unfairly.)

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