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Tod Jonson and
Barbara Clippinger

April 2012

Each year, when April rolls around, most of us usually think of showers (or Al Jolson). Local organizations were way too busy to let rain dampen any part of Lakeside’s cultural parade…… for instance: a sensational concert took place at Supper Club #4 with Galen, one of the world’s greatest piano entertainers: He, and his 3-musicians, entertained absolute top drawer quality witha concert to be remembered forever… The concert was so popular that a demand for additional performances gave us three more evenings of sheer entertainment. One means it when it is said: “Viva la Galen”….. The new/latest Board of officers and directors for LCS 2012-13 has been voted upon and a dandy one, indeed……Chili Cook-off-2012 drowned, but stronger things are in store for the charities who depend on the annual rewards…… Northern Lights glowed brighter than ever with ten days of spectacular performances….and “A Taste of Broadway,” LLT’s February musical, sent everyone home with tapping toes and singing our hearts out. Lakeside is a valley full of talents with a huge variety of expressions.

Lake Chapala Society (LCS) members voted in a new slate of officers for 2012-2013. The new board has their work cut out for them trying to match what was produced by the 2011-12 Board’s working with the Children’s Art Program. The unveiling of a giant mural dedicated to the legacy of Neill James for her body of work took place in February.

To newcomers arriving in the area: LCS is located in Ajijic on 16 de Septiembre, #16-A at Calle Roman Corona. Main Office: (376) 766-1140 offers Lakeside information and services. Office is open Monday – Saturday, 10 to 2 pm. Grounds remain open for meditation and solace until 5 pm.


President – Howard Feldstein

Executive Director – Terry Vidal

Vice-President – Fred Harland

Treasurer – Paula Haarvei
Secretary – John Rider

Additional community leaders have become directors at large: Karen Blue, Lois Cugini, Aurora Michel Galindo, Cate Howell, Ann D. Houck, Wallace Mills, Erik Slebos, Sharon Smith, and Ben White. Get to know them! They will do you proud.

LCS’ Education Programs (at the WEC Center) retains as many Mexican students as possible during the school/learning year. Salutes and genuine congratulations to everyone.

The rain soaked, ill-fated 2012 Chili Cook-offhas passed, and many local charities, usually supported by funds raised during the annual Cook-off’s giant affair, will be forced this year to face the fact that something else must be developed to make up for their financial losses. Sympathetic Lakesiders have been donating money to keep spirits alive. Bravo to those who really care and help.

The 10th Anniversary Northern Lights Music Festival (NLMF) performed to record attendance this year. The lake valley seems quiet now since all of the musicians have (sailed-flown-driven) themselves home to Canada or their next spectacular performance elsewhere in the world. With such major talents that Artistic Director Chris Wilshere imports each year, no wonder it is a Sold-Out Affair often before any music is performed. ‘Trust’ is the greatest compliment anyone can pay an artist—and with the caliber of Wilshere’s eye-and-ear, one is speaking of “Tiffany quality in its finest glitter.”

As part of this 2012 Tenth Anniversary season, flautist Sue Hoeppner delivered a tour de force concert that could not be out-done anywhere in the world. What a glorious sound coming from such talented hands and lips. This lovely and super talented lady cannot be over-shadowed by anyone.


Sue Hoeppner


Oh, what a musical can do for your spirit and heart! LLT served up one helluva show inA Taste of Broadway” directed by our own Barbara Clippinger. It took a lady’s hand to pull 32 recognizable tunes into a toe-tapping, sing-along that was filled with everything theatrical that can be imagined. What a great show to introduce fresh new talent heretofore unknown to most Lakesiders. “A Taste of Broadway”turned into the ‘musical of musicals’ arriving as a premiere for LLT. This original musical was received by packed houses for a sold-out run. A breath-taking quality was presented by a brilliant dancer and choreographer, Alexis Hoff. All of the singing was live and thrilling thanks to Patteye Simpson. It will long be remembered as being one of LLT’s greatest theatrical moments in its nearly fifty years of delivering some of the best theatre south of the border!



If you have not met the following four people you should. Each one will brighten your entire day:

Richard Williams has done more with his teaching skills with “hands-on-wood-working—(carpentry)” for those young men and women who desire to work with their hands. He has created careers for Lakeside’s youth. Many of them are now working commercially and making a living doing so. Richard Williams is the man who created the program at LCS several years ago. Salutes to him, his support volunteer army of co-talents, and to LCS for living up to their motto: PEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE. For anyone desiring to work with wood and wishing to help Richard, he can be reached by email:


Richard Williams


Of all people living at Lakeside, Mooyeen King is a Woman of the Year. She is an ideal lady to follow the 2011 Woman of the Year, Joan Frost! Even though the 2012 Lakeside Community Awards could not take place as previously scheduled and thereby officially presenting nominee Mooyeen King to the public, there is no way of hiding the importance of this lady from being 2012 Woman of the Year! This column wishes to present a temporary crown until the real thing happens! It’s a perfect fit in size and stature. Mooyeen’s extraordinary dedication to charity work is something most of us would like to do, but fatigue and resources, keep us from it.



When we speak of Lakeside legends the name of Ruth Boyes glows all by itself. Ruth has been a leading figure for many, many years both with the Lakeside Little Theatre (LLT) and the Lake Chapala Society (LCS). Ruth taught many of us in the theatre what being a good stage manager was capable of doing when delivering a hit show by night. By day, she also showed us what stamina was capable of being expressed during a working decade or two in a library. Everyone at LCS praises Ruth for her exquisite ability at being a leader in the active literary world. Time to retire takes her away from us, but legendary memories will live on and on and on for generations of followers in footsteps made easy by a trouper extraordinaire.



Executive Director Terry Vidal helped LCS pulled off the greatest coups in its vibrant 57 year history: the fantastic mural on the LCS grounds dedicated to it’s benefactor, Neill James, and her devotion to the Children’s Art Program, now it its 56th year.


Mural by Javier Zaragoza and Jesus Lopez Vega


Have you read Mexico Limpio by former Lakesider John Hoopes yet? For anyone living at Lakeside, it could be your best read of this decade. Have fun with this one, it is a BUCKET LIST item that calls for a read as soon as possible. Worry not, there is an already printed “sequel” coming out titled “Max and Carlotta In Mexico”…. another inside romp through Mexico with people we recognize immediately.


John Hoopes


VIVA LA MUSICA is preparing musical treats for everyone during the spring months. Contact Marshall Krantz or go to the LCS ticket sales area on Fridays, for any of the following:

1. “Live from the Met” April 28 La Traviata, by G. Verdi…second bus is filling up fast. Tickets, $300 for members.

2. Jalisco Philharmonic Orchestra: The JPO is offering a post-season concert on April 29 featuring Tchaikovsky Romeo and Juliet overture.

3. Sunday April 1: Adams, Mozart and Mahler – few seats still available.. Tickets $250 members and $350 for non- members. Payment must be made 2 weeks before each concert because Viva must purchase tickets ahead of time.

4. Possible overnight trip: Viva is considering organizing accommodation at Guadalajara’s Hotel Morales for the night of April 28, following La Traviata, returning to Ajijic on April 29 after a JPO matinee. The cost would be approximately $1,500 including the hotel, transportation, the concert and the opera. If this idea is of interest, please respond!

Jalisco Secretary of Culture and

The Centro Cultural González Gallo

Cordially Invite You to

Impresiones de México (Impressions of Mexico)

Featuring the art of 12 artists residing at Lake Chapala

Opening Reception April 21, 2012: 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.

Botañas and Drinks

Maryann Linhart Libby Shipman

Lois Schroff Bev Kephart

Geraldine Classen Winnie Hunt

Joan Lowndes Varn

Anita Lee Martha Bryce

Julie Mignard Sunny Sorensen

The show will remain hanging until May 30, 2012

April 7 – 16th: (LLT) presents a farce about sex and aging in the time of the little blue pill: “Sex Please, We Are Sixty.” Written by Susan and Michael Parker, and directed by Pat Carroll. A newly developed, little blue pill, just for “menopausal women” gets into the wrong hands. Prim and proper Rose Cottage Inn will never be the same… and neither will Bud the Stud.” Purchasing tickets at LLT from 10 – noon starting Thursday, April 5. Performances nightly:7:30 pm. Bar opens at 6:30 pm. Sunday matinees at 3 pm. For more information, visit LLT

Lakesider Honored! On March 23 at the “Talentos de la Ribera” show, in the midst of that delightful fund-raiser for the Instituto Tecnológico Superior de Chapala, Lakeside educator Robert Kleffel was honored for more than a decade of efforts on behalf of the Instituto and its students. The honor? A big one! The Director of the Instituto, Morris Schwarzblat, announced that the recently completed Auditorio at the Instituto will be named “The Robert Kleffel Auditorio.” A ceremony will take place in April, but in the meantime, our hats off to you Señor Kleffel!


Robert Kleffel


Monthly Games Day Begins at LCS: In the works beginning Saturday, March 31, LCS is offering a Monthly Games Day! Show up Saturdays (10 – 2 p.m.) and choose among Texas Hold-‘em, Mexican Train, Scrabble, Rummy Tiles, Hand & Foot, card games, darts or horseshoes. Other games will be added depending on interest. Volunteers will be on hand to teach you while learning new games and make new friends.

No-host bar will be open offering Bloody Mary’s, beer, wine , and soft drinks. Games are free to LCS members. Non-members will be asked to pay a small donation. LCS grounds open as usual including all regular Saturday programs and services, including the El Patio coffee and snack bar.

Saturday Games’ Day days will be: April 21, May 19, June 23, August 18 but no Games Day in July. More information, contact: Patricia Doran, 766-0794.

DOG/CAT FOOD DRIVE Animal Shelter – Riberas With the cooperation and help of Geoffrey of/at the Animal Shelter, several members of “Animal Buddies” will be holding a Food Drive on the third Thursday of each month: 10:30 – 1:30. With your purchase you will be helping the Shelter animals as well as Anita’s Animals, or your choice of animal rescue group. Please, if you can, help us feed the less fortunate animals. If you can not make it to the food drive you can make a purchase of dog/cat food at anytime for Anita’s or your choice of animal rescue group. The shelter will hold for pickup, please let them know that there is a paid food purchase waiting for them. We all need loving care, and this is a way you can provide it.



Hollywood Takes Care Of Remembering It’s Own. The 70th Anniversary of one of the all-time-greatest films is celebrating a birthday. Film aficionados worldwide are not exaggerating when they claim that the 1942 film “Casablanca” might be the most quoted work of dramatic fiction since “Hamlet” by Shakespeare. Audiences in 500 movie theatres across the USA will experience the time-honored classic starring: Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman, Claude Rains, Sidney Greenstreet and Paul Henried in a new stunning digital presentation by Warner Home Video. To further enhance the event, TCM with their TV host Robert Osborne will discuss the film’s enduring legacy and reveal some of its fascinating behind the scenes’ stories. Watch for Movie/TV’s brand new prints released shortly after the big first-run party in April, 2012.

Protection Hint: Warn everyone not to make this mistake! A fire resulted recently when a Lakesider (by accident) left an iPhone charger/docking station plugged into a car outlet. It over-heated starting a fire at night while parked in a garage. Please unplug anything you have in your car outlets once you turn off your car’s motor! Fortunately the fire started at 11pm, which was caught before going to bed, and before it spread to the house. “None of our garage heat detectors or house fire alarms went off) ~~~ another item to take care of on any “to do” list. Better safe than really sorry.

“A cheerful heart is good medicine”


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