Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

ink penDear Sir:

I have to reply to Paul Jackson’s reply to Mel Goldberg’s Letter to the Editor. Mel had some points as he usually does but, like most Americans, not enough knowledge about Canadian history or functions, and Paul’s reply was outstanding! And true. Paul should write more about how the political and economic systems work in Canada so he can enlighten one little corner of the USA. I know he tries, but it is usually about current political issues in either the US or Canada. He could start with a description of the difference between Canadian and American conservatism. He’s done it before but it isn’t getting through to most of the Ojo readers or the American public.

He could even include a touch on Canada’s medical system, which has a few flaws but works outstandingly well and covers everyone, not just those with the money to pay a small monthly fee but even those who can’t. Every Canadian resident is entitled to medical coverage. So are Americans. Too many Americans can’t get coverage without Obamacare and the conservatives want to disenfranchise Americans. Appalling.

The US system seems to me to be both a debacle-in-process and a success story for democratic principles. The same can be said of how the Canadian system works, a mess at each instance, but a success overall. Canada, however, does not need the kind of overhaul the US political system needs, with its lobbies and financial backers and very lengthy and expensive selection process. I hope some reform will come out of all this 2012 “practice on the shooting range.” The system still works because there are more voters than even the number of puppeteers, but we need to cut at least some of the puppeteers’ strings on the system.

Kay Davis

Dual Citizen, born in the USA and proud Canadian too


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