Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor


ink penDear Sir:

People were horrified last month by yet another incident of shooting in a public school in the U.S., this time in Ohio, leaving three students dead and eight more injured.  But as Christians know, everything that happens, no matter how irrational or harmful it may seem to be to humans, is a part of the Divine Plan of the Judeo-Christian god.  Can it be that the shootings in schools and other public places are part of that god’s plan to encourage believers to have more guns?  Perhaps presciently, the very devout leading Republican candidate for the presidency of the U.S., Mitt Romney, titled his speech at the same month’s meeting of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC, billed by its chief sponsor, the American Conservatve Union, as the largest and most important gathering of conservatives in the country), We Should Cling to our Guns, Religion, and Constitution.  Note that Guns and God came before Constitution

Consider how school shootings might be prevented if every teacher were required to be armed.  (A friend who is more knowledgable about such matters than I am points out that the fabled six-shooters of America’s celebrated and much missed Wild West past would be inadequate for teachers, as other shooters might be armed with automatic weapons, but I would defer that determination to the god-fearing experts at the National Rifle Association, a principal sponsor of CPAC.)  

As an example, Texas is a very religious state, with an extremely devout governor, and every true Texan is expected to own at least one gun.  A law requiring every Texas household to own at least one firearm has actually been proposed.  And a permit to carry a concealed weapon can be the only evidence required to vote in Texas, even for a student for whom official identification provided by a university will not suffice.

Texas being in the forefront of states that act to prevent crime by encouraging people to have guns does, however, have a downside.  It was plainly the reason that permission for my most recent entry into Canada in my Texas-plated motorhome was so long delayed.  The Customs officer insisted that most people traveling in a motorhome like mine have guns, and only a very thorough search finally convinced her that I did not and permit me to go on my way.  Canada is, of course, much less religious than the U.S., so guns are strictly controlled there, though I don’t think that there has ever been a shooting in a Canadian school.  Perhaps God is focusing his attention on the U.S., which would, indeed, be consistent with the belief of many U.S. Christians.

Kenneth G. Crosby


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