Tenacatita Bay

Tenacatita Bay

By An Anonymous Contributor



final star winks out :

old lady moon drives by, sad and alone

hunched in her 1989 white Cadillac :

she’s off to rest all day

in the chateau her second husband left her.


Black trees become dark green

then lighter green – the whitewash

of the sky is thinned with golden paint :

the bay is an opal mirror

where Daddy-o sun can see his bearded face.


Down in the village a tireless rooster

welcomes the dawn, over and over :

I wake, still drunk with last night’s wine,

I live each day, over and over,

and the green sunrise, and the long silence.




Earth turns her back

raises a lazy dark green shoulder

eclipses herself : it’s time to return

to that distant murmuring source

of old and long-forgotten dreams.


Over the bay there drifts a silent haze,

a skiff returns in the old day’s light

painting a single silver line

towards the land: almost

without hope, almost without motion.


see the world turning and turning

each day re-lived in endless whirl:

and tell my lonely soul, go down

to find Eurydice – hoping and hoping

for that long slow journey home.

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