Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

letters-editorDear Mr. Grattan,

My name is Eliana Herrerías. I was born in Mexico City and work actively in the animal welfare area. Mexico is slowly heading to a culture of more respect and compassion towards animals. This was not the case before. Nowadays, more and more groups are raising their voices towards an ethical evolution that allows us to live in a civilized society where any form of violence is not tolerated. Therefore, I want to thank you deeply for having published in Ojo de Lago magazine a wonderful article by Lory Geiger, called “ Bullfighting Atrocities.” A clear, direct and strong article about the REAL situation involving bullfighting.

I was unfortunately born in a very famous family in the bullfighting world. My cousin is main business man and only administrator of the Main Bullfighting Arena in Mexico City. I was never proud of this barbaric practice. It desensitizes our species towards the pain and suffering of others. We teach children to see normality in what is not normal: torture, suffering, death and cruelty. This is where violence encounters a great nest to reproduce in an already too violent society.

So I hereby wanted to send you my deepest thanks for being part of this ethical evolution Mexico needs so much in times of heavy violence.

I hope this is the beginning of many more articles that will create awareness and help us redirect our wrong attitudes and behavior towards other living beings we share our planet with.

Time for an ethical evolution. Thank you.

Eliana Herrerías

Mexico City

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