Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor


LettersToTheEditorDear Sir:

I would like to thank you for having the courage to print the article, “They Shoot Horses, Don’t They,” by Vern & Lori Geiger and Eliana Herrerias. The article was eye-opening, while the photo was heartbreaking. Like millions of others, I was already sickened by the basics of bullfighting –that it´s hardly a fight since the bull must be nearly incapacitated before the “hero” (a/k/a the matador) faces him in the ring — but I never knew of the terrible cost to the horses. The article had me in tears as I realized just how many animals are used, abused and tortured yearly in the name of sport, culture or art.  As someone once said to me, “Art never destroys.”

I hope Ms. Herrerias continues to publish in your magazine. This courageous woman´s voice must be heard.


C. Eisley


Our Editor Replies: 

The article has received nearly 900 hits, so apparently it struck a nerve in our readership. We will continue to espouse the cause of animal rights whenever possible. Thanks for your interest in the Ojo.




Dear Sir:

Thank you for the excellent editorial on Warren Buffet. It is a shame that very few of the 1% share his views. I find it incomprehensible that any women or that anyone in the 99% could support the Romney-Ryan ticket. They plan to continue the Bush policies that got us in the economic mess that we are in plus pass legislation to make it even worse for the middle and lower classes. I really admire Warren Buffet for his generosity. It seems that most of the wealthy have the attitude that “I got mine and I do not care that you do not even have a chance to get any.”


Susan B. Eubanks

Priv. Los Jarales #14

San Antonio Tlay.




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