Michael P. McManmon

Dr. McManmon is the founder of the College Internship Program (CIP), which serves college-aged students with learning differences and Asperger’s Syndrome in six centers across the US. CIP’s goal is to prepare young men and women with skills for life, for college, for work, and for independent living. Dr. McManmon was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome at 51 years of age. His personal struggles and ensuing victories and those of his students and staff have inspired his new book “Made for Good Purpose”.



It wasn’t what I expected at all. So far north, almost like driving in northern Scotland, a harsh windswept landscape. How could anyone survive when the potato crops failed and food dwindled over several years? But to look at Castlebar now, you would think it was a suburb of Dublin. Sleek medical clinics and supermarkets …

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Valuing Our Older Teachers Who Are Miracle Workers

By: Dr. Michael McManmon, FounderThe College Internship Program Oftentimes in our society, we seem to disregard the wisdom, understanding, and experience of our elders. Just like Helen Keller had her Anne Sullivan, we have within our midst many miracle workers who have the patience of Job and the knowledge of King Solomon.  The following are …

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