October 2022

YOU and Your Doctor Are Your Medical Team – October 2022

Part of my nursing career  experience  included  making  home visits of clients  to check for  hazards and improve  home  safety, specially for people who  lived alone  and / or was a senior. As I was the primary caregiver for my Mom, I thought I would do the same ‘evaluation’ for my Mom’s house. This was

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Be Still, My Soul

“Sometimes we’ll sing a soft hymn or two, sometimes a chant or even a lullaby,” says Cindy Paul, director of the New Thresholds Chorale. “Each song is carefully chosen for its comforting ambience and uplifting message.” The New Thresholds Chorale is inspired by the Threshold Choir International movement (https://thresholdchoir.org), and an offshoot of three previous

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Lakeside Living – October 2022

Kim LeMieux Email: kimslakesideliving@gmail.com OCTOBER PRESENTATIONS INCLUDE October 2nd   Eduardo “Lalo” Ramos Cordero with Philip Rylett The Hidden Traditions of Ajijic There are so many wonderful Ajijic traditions which are very visible. But there are others that we either don’t see, or simply don’t understand what is happening. Lalo will recount those traditions that have survived and are

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